When expectations rule our lives, we set ourselves up for disappointment. Then guess what? We judge ourselves harshly  for it.

You get what you expect. Our expectations, whether good or bad, will to a large extent determine what our lives will be like. So maybe it’s time to give some serious thought to the question: “What do you expect”?

Expectations are obstacles to enjoying what is. If you don’t wish to be disappointed, have no expectations. Take life as it is.

Expectations are projections into the future. They are created because we can’t accept the present moment. So we rather hide in an ideal, future moment that is not real. Expectations can’t make you happy because you are not enjoying what is. You are striving for something that hasn’t come true yet.

Every time, you think someone should do something or something should happen, that is an expectation.

1. Your significant other should be on time.

2. Your children should keep their room clean.

3. Your neighbors should keep the noise level down.

4. My housemates should not hog the bathroom for hours, and they should save space in the refrigerator for other people.

5. A boss should not change the work schedules every other day.

It’s getting late and tomorrow I have the morning shift at work. So why not head over to Aaron’s page to see if anyone else posted about his “expectation” prompt. https://confusingmiddle.com/2020/09/23/sunday-scribblings-20-expectation/ as for me, I expect to wake up early tomorrow and I expect the sun to rise again.