Growing up in New England, Fall (Autumn) was my favorite time of year. I absolutely loved it when the leaves started changing colors. I loved making piles of leaves and jumping into the middle of them (or throwing my little brothers into the piles). Then later we would make scarecrows stuffed with all the leaves.

What do you call the season between Summer and Winter? It seems that I hear the word “Fall” more often now-a-days. Later in this season we will have to turn our clocks back an hour and people remember that as “Spring forward, Fall back”…It would sound strange to say “Autumn back”. That was a tradition that I always thought was stupid and glad now that I am back in Arizona I don’t have to change my clocks. I just have trouble remembering if my family in New England is 2 or 3 hours ahead of me depending on the time of year.

I can remember that my children’s elementary school used to have a Halloween carnival when they were little. Later the school changed it to a Fall Festival or Harvest Festival. My dad loved gardening but we were not professional farmers so I never got in the habit of calling this time of year “Harvest season”.

Right now I’m sharing a house with 3 other girls and one girl turns the heater on while another girl opens all the windows in the kitchen and living room. Seems a bit crazy to me, and if I happen to walk out to the kitchen at midnight for any reason then I shut the windows in that room. I figure whoever wants chilly fresh air can just open the window in their own private bedroom. I am thankful that we don’t have to pay for the heating bill here. I am also thankful for warm bulky sweaters, electric blankets and stocking up on more hot chocolate and teas. I have also been searching online for more recipes to make with pumpkin…yes I am one of those people that love pumpkin. The smell, the taste, and the decorations. Pumpkins are perfect! So if you have a favorite pumpkin recipe…please share.