There must be something about this time of year. Not only is it my favorite time of the year, but it seems to be the time to start over, start new, and get improved. Kids start a new school year in the Fall, television shows usually start their new seasons in the Fall…I just don’t understand why calendars don’t start the new year during the Fall.

I have signed up with a 5% challenge team on sparkpeople. It’s my second time with one of their 5% teams…I did one last Fall. Mentally I think I am better prepared this year. I am also living in a different location now. I have lived here before and it helps that it has a slightly bigger grocery store and more places to walk to. From looking at old blogs during my time here before, I weighed 20+ less then.

Thanks to Google saving my pictures during the time I lived here 2+ years ago. I can’t really see a big difference in my hips or stomach. But there are pics of my feet on the scales with a lower number, so I guess I must of looked different and been a smaller size. Maybe I just need new bifocals.


Recently I had found some articles and links online about an “October Unprocessed” challenge. It’s where you spend the month of October with no processed food. In theory that sounds great, almost perfect. Until I remember that I work a full-time job and share a kitchen with 3 other ladies. I don’t have time or space to make everything from scratch or the motivation to do that.

Anyways for this 5% challenge, I weighed in at 185# and need to lose 5% of that weight by November 28th. Which means I need to weigh 175.25 after Thanksgiving. Seeing as when I lost quite a bit of weight before when I was living in this same location, by eating “low-carb” , I will be trying my hardest to stay away from all my carb-filled favorite foods again. Which will be sorta like eating “Unprocessed”.


I didn’t own the Fitbit when I lived here before. So I will be wearing it whenever I go out walking. This town/community is so small that you don’t really need a car. I just need to remember to charge it up the Fitbit before I leave the house. Fitness is where I will need the most willpower. I am a naturally lazy person and can lay in bed all weekend playing candy crush or reading a book.