Yes I realize that I am early for Thanksgiving, but only if you are in the United States. Canada is celebrating their holiday today or tomorrow. I usually remember it as being the same day as our Columbus Day. Sorry and without getting all political, Thanksgiving just seems to be a better day to celebrate.

Years ago I rented a room, from an old retired guy that had dual citizenship. Half of the year he lived in Arizona and half of the year he lived in British Columbia, Canada. He liked being able to eat 2 Thanksgiving dinners every year. He would celebrate the holiday in Canada with his daughter and grandchildren and then he returned to Arizona sometime in November for his 2nd holiday dinner.

He wasn’t a big eater for any meal. But I do remember making homemade pea soup, sweet potatoes, cornbread and apple pie. I am not sure how split-pea soup became a tradition for Thanksgiving. But seeing as it was a childhood favorite of mine, I didn’t mind making it. So if anyone from Canada is reading this, maybe you can answer this….is split-pea soup a “normal” traditional thing to have during Thanksgiving?

Like I said, he was old and retired when I knew him so many years ago (I think I last saw him around 2004) but I would like to think that he is still enjoying the holiday with his family this week. I haven’t had pea soup in years now, maybe I should make some next month for my Thanksgiving…would have to leave the ham out of it though because one of my housemates is vegetarian.

Even though 2020, has been one crazy year I hope that everyone has something that they can be thankful for. I am thankful to be back in Arizona. I am thankful to have a kitchen again where I can cook my own food and not depend on any employee dining room or grabbing something quick from a gas station to eat.