Today is my weigh-in day on the Sparkpeople website. So after weighing in early this morning and losing another 1.4 pounds, I decided to go out to eat. Saturday has become my new “cheat” day. Well sorta, I still don’t eat a whole lot on Saturday…so maybe its just a cheat meal, not a whole cheat day.

That huevos rancho is today’s breakfast.

While I was in the restaurant, I also got to do a little grocery shopping. I bought potatoes, tomatoes and avocados. I was hoping to get some vanilla yogurt and zucchini but they were out of those. Hopefully they have them next week.

I don’t really think most of our local community realize that they can go grocery shopping at this restaurant. I just happened to learn about it from their Facebook page. It’s cheaper than shopping at my grocery store..even with my employee discount. The restaurant lets me order a few things that I can’t get at my store…like fresh broccoli, black beans and if I ever want 5lbs of cottage cheese or a pack of 30 eggs then I know where to get them.

This was a breakfast that I had last month and forgot to post about. It’s a Mexican Veggie Omelette.