I finally went out to the kitchen to figure out what I wanted for breakfast. Well I got a surprise….FREE GOODIES

The island had a pile of random food items on it with a note from a housemate. Now I had originally thought that she would leave around Labor Day, and then earlier this week I overheard her on the phone with her mom talking about the upcoming holiday season. I assumed from the conversation that she would be here until then. Well, this ain’t the first time that I have been wrong.

I know some people are having a tough time this year…losing their jobs and not being able to pay all their bills. If you are single and just a step away from being homeless, why not take a chance on an adventure of a lifetime. Come be my next housemate in Arizona. Oh, the company we work for has a house right next door for guys too and they also have empty rooms.

After finding the food in the kitchen, I went to check her room…sure enough it was cleaned out. Even though there is a bunk bed in the room, it’s only for one person as long as the world is in the Covid-19 pandemic. You would have to share a bathroom and kitchen though. B-U-T for $35/week rent (round off to about $150/month) and that includes utilities, dish television, internet, washer and dryer, how can you complain? Now if you can find anywhere cheaper in the USA, then I would be very surprised.

Well until I get a new housemate, I am going to enjoy a long soak in the bathtub with my Epsom salts, without worrying about someone knocking on the door.