Monday and Money

I stayed in the Walmart parking lot last night..parked next to this small RV. The driver is Mark. He came here from Savannah.  He was nice enough to make ne coffee before I had to leave for work. 

Mark came back to Walmart last night and cooked me dinner. It was funny-strange eating a hot meal while sitting in the Walmart parking lot. He also told me that the wifi is better at Lowe’ that’s where I am sitting to type this.

Another lady, Donna, sent me a text to ask if I could budget $690/month for rent..which would include utilities. She assumed that just because I bring home about $250-$280 every week that it was do-able.  Hmm, I had to tell her that my car insurance is $115(unless I pay it late then $10extra), my phone cost $55 a month, and gas is about $40+ a week…depending on how much I drive around or sit with car running just to charge my phone.

115+55+160==$330 plus $690 for that rent would be $1,020. So any month that I only bring home $250 each week would mean I would be $20 short. No Thanks, I will continue sleeping in my car for free and try to save money. Seeing as I am short (5’3.5″) I can sleep just fine in the back of my car. Laundry at “the well” is free, and after I join the gym for $10 or $15 a month, I can shower there before work.

Payday and My Weekend at “The Well”

Friday was payday. $279 for the week (4 days of work between 2 jobs). I ended up getting a new straight talk phone, which means my car insurance will be paid 4 days late cuz that will have to wait until next Friday, when I get paid again. 

Had trouble getting the phone activated.  Chatted online with a help tech on the straight talk website who was no real help. Brought the phone back to Walmart and an employee got wifi going but just my luck, it stopped working as soon as I left the store. Today 1 of the guys at “The Well” got the wifi working for me.

This new phone still doesn’t work everywhere in the city, like my old phone did. This is unfortunate because I have to use google maps alot while driving around. This morning I got lost trying to get to the well. But finally found a street I recognized and made it there in time for coffee

Now I don’t know if there was a full moon last night, or the rainy weather, or something in the drinking water but people were freaking out and yelling at invisible people this morning.                Lady sitting on black sofa is usually quiet but today wasn’t a good day for her.

Seeing as I have weekends off from work right now, I only come to the well 2 days a week. I was lucky enough to use a washer yesterday to do all my laundry. Today I donated a small bag of clothes to the shelter.  

Well I am parked at Walmart again for the night. It’s about a 3-5 minute drive to work in the morning. Walmart has 1 of the cheapest gas stations in Brunswick, so I have to remember to fill the gas tank before work.

Eating at a Truck Stop


Sitting outside of the Pilot, so I can charge my phone before I go into work in a few hours.

This truck stop also has a Denny’s restaurant but for now I need to save money to put gas in the car. I did splurge and buy 2 bananas for .99, to go with my coffee. I also have crackers with peanut butter in the car. Coffee in the Pilot is only $1.69 but coffee inside Denny’s is a few bucks. Good thing I don’t mind truck stop coffee in a paper cup.

After I start getting regular paychecks then I can start buying pre-made salads to take into work. Yes pre-made salads cost more money than if you were able to make your own but remember I am living in my car without a refrigerator. Hopefully soon I can stock up on granola bars, oranges, and more bagels.

Have you ever looked around a store in a truck stop? They have everything a driver would need for long trips, even cooking gadgets. A mini coffee maker and small Crock-Pots that plug into the cigarette lighter. But not sure how it effects the battery or gas situation. I have it on my list of things to check out later.

Ok, it’s only 5:30am now and still a bit chilly outside. I am going back inside my car for a bit. Course by time I get to work at 10am, it will be warm and won’t need my coat anymore.


Day Shelter: The Well




When I first arrived in Brunswick, I didn’t know anyone and didn’t have any idea where to spend my time during the day. It was to hot outside to just go sit in a city park, so I found a place that’s open from 7am-5pm. Sort of a hang-out spot for the homeless. A place where the homeless can do laundry, have a shower, receive mail, get free coffee and snacks. Breads & pastries must be the world’s cheapest foods. Every shelter I have ever been to gives out free muffins, danishes, crackers and I got a whole bag of bagels to keep with me in my car. This morning we got free leftover pizza from a local restaurant to go with our coffee.

Quite a few different agencies also come in to see what resources are needed for each person. Quite a few of the homeless here spend their nights at the Salvation Army, but after hearing enough stories about it I decided not to go there. I spend my nights sleeping in my car while parked at either Walmart or Pilot truck stop.

Seeing as today is Sunday,  churches think the homeless always need to be “saved” and will offer a ride to go listen to their sermon.  For some reason church leaders seem to think that sitting inside a church will solve the problems of a homeless person. If you have ever spent any time in/around a homeless community in any city then you know what I mean.

Today is my day off from work, so I came here to do laundry and charge my phone. When this place closes at 5pm tonight,  I will go park at the Pilot Truck Stop which is about 5 minutes away from work.

Payday for my new job is Friday, and I should get pay for at least my first day.  This temp agency pays every Friday. Hopefully my gas lasts until then. After I start getting a full weeks pay then I won’t have to worry about running out of gas anymore. Don’t worry, I am ok and life is fine.

Hmm, as I am typing this, a police officer just walked a new girl into the well. I heard him tell the manager that she got off the greyhound bus yesterday without her medication. Guess I ain’t the newbie here anymore.


New Town, New Job

I arrived in Brunswick, last Monday (May 1st). I went to an interview at a temp agency called “Express Professionals”, for a $14.00/hour job in some federal place. I needed to come back for a 2nd interview on Friday.

So on Tuesday, I went to another temp agency, “Staff Zone” to work in the convention center on Jekyll Island the next day. OMG that job was sooo physically hard. I worked 6am-4pm=for a total of 10 hours, but only got paid for 8 hours. I was so tired and sore by the end of the day that I did not even notice the missing 2 hours of pay until after I cashed the paycheck at the end of the day. I was just glad to get money for gas. I did send an email to the company later to question mess-up on the paycheck and they still have not responded.

On Thursday, I got notified that the federal company that I was supposed to have the 2nd interview with the next day, would not accept me because of a question on the application about student loans being in default. BUT, they already had another job lined up for me and I could start that job the next day. The first interview I had already done was good enough.

So Friday morning I started working in the office at Blythe Island Park Campground, for $11.70/hour. Which I was told later is more pay then what the regular employees (that have been there a year) get paid.

It’s a whole new type of work then what I am used to, but I really like it. It’s a very relaxed and casual area, with just a small group of employees that treat each other like family.

This is a random shot while I was standing outside the office looking across the parking lot toward the lake. Yes we also rent out boats and sell fishing bait. Some people use live shrimp as bait, which is something new to me. I didn’t know, until I came to work here, that Brunswick was one of the top shrimp capitals of the world.KIMG1996

My New Wheels


It’s a 2001 Isuzu Rodeo, so actually it’s 16 years old. I paid $1,800 for it. Price seems a bit high seeing as it’s got a lot of miles on it. I bought it off one of my aunt’s neighbors. They had done some repairs. (replaced retransmission) on it before I bought it.

Today I got insurance and later this week I will have to give up my AZ license and get a GA license before the state of GA, will let me transfer the title and get it registered.

Then after that is all done, I will really need to get a job. For whatever dumb reason, my aunt was MAD cuz she realized that I had money before and didn’t just hand it over to her. Well now that I bought my wheels; I am almost broke.

Obviously we were both wrong about why I first came here. She thought I was some poor, desperate, helpless creature with nowhere to go. And I thought staying here with my aunt would BE the new job cuz When another relative had said that my aunt needed a caregiver and that the state would pay for it. To make a long story short; Well I have been here for 7 weeks with no job. 7 loooong weeks. Now that I have my own wheels, I will be able to drive myself around to apply for jobs. Not sure why my aunt assumed that I was retired and never going to work again…and by “work” I mean at a job that gives you a paycheck every week or every other week.




Hey, I figured out how to post here with my phone. 😀

Today I went to a huge flea market in Jacksonville, Florida. Even though my aunt claims that she wants to move, she still insists on shopping for stuff that she doesn’t need. She hasn’t even started packing anything that she already owns.

I don’t understand people like this. People who are sooo addicted to shopping. People who will literally argue about what they need, when you tell them that it’s a “want” and not a “need”.

Don’t get me wrong. I can shop…when I can afford it. But when someone who gets social security and says they want to move outta state. Well it takes money to move and my aunt has saved NONE!