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Random Writing


I think I have around 30-35 books downloaded onto my kindle, all about “writing a book”.  You see, my middle daughter is waiting for me to write her book. I have been told that a family member who is spending the rest of his life in prison wants me to write his story, and that is 1 book that I don’t think I could ever do. Oh sure, true-life crime thriller stories are interesting reading for some people. But some other person will have to write that one.

Today I was searching through the website for a magazine called “Writers Digest”, and found a poetry contest. I haven’t written any new poems for quite awhile, but I might send in one of my old poems.

According to Amazon,  I started ordering ebooks in 2011. Right now I am on my third or forth kindle/tablet. But I have figured out how to get Amazon to resend me almost  everything that I had gotten years ago on my other e-readers. If you have seen the meme’s on facebook of a big 18-wheeler delivering stuff from Amazon, with words to the effect “oh boy, my books are finally here”. Well that’s me! Good thing because I will soon be living in such a remote area that I won’t have wifi. But I will have lots to read, and thanks to the local dollar store I have stacks upon stacks of paper to write on.

Some people say to write what you know or in whatever genre that you, yourself like reading. Well according to the books on my tablet that would be (not counting my writing books) yoga, alternative health,  cooking (raw food, vegetarian, or stuff in crockpots), a few travel books, and my sappy romance stuff…either amish life/ romance, or some story set in the old-west/pioneer days. Good thing all these books are in a tablet and not in a bookcase waiting to get packed up. Actually I have 1 bag of real paper books in the trunk of my car. I put them there when I left Yellowstone and never unpacked them.

It’s after 10:35pm, so I will play a few turns of  “Words With Friends”, which I won’t be playing so much after I move. Then I will probably grab one of my word puzzle books to see how many I can do before I fall asleep.




My E-book Readings


With to much free time lately, I am enjoying some ebooks that I have downloaded on my tablet. Right now I am enjoying a novel series about a high school foster kid who has to live with a preacher’s family, in some little hick Texas town. The first book was free but seeing as I wanted to continue with the story I had to pay $3.99 for the second book in the series.

I get email notices from different websites every week listing free books.


I am sure I have others lost in my many pages of unread emails, but those are my most recent ones. Some I like for old classic books, some are just trashy fun reads, some are for educational textbooks (on a variety of subjects like health, business/finance  stuff, learning the French language), some are for a future DIY project or some “self-help” issue that I want to figure out later on. No matter what you like to read, I am sure there is a website that will let you download books on the subject.
I had an email to get a month’s free trial of kindle unlimited…but I declined it. I figured that I would end up paying the $10 monthly fee after I forget to unsubscribe from it later. I used to subscribe to different free trials for alot of online stuff and then forget when the trials end and get charged later for them, so now I just don’t sign up.

Seeing as it’s still very windy & chilly here, (64 degrees outside now. Never would of imagined Death Valley to get this cold. The Wind is rattling the windows in the dorm), what better way to spend a morning then reading or searching for new books to add to my ebook library. It’s  almost time for me to get ready for work…got 3 nights of working the late shift again before I get another weekend off. Which means I will be reading after Midnight.

My New Tablet

I signed up for an unexpected trip to Walmart in Rapid City, the other night. So after grabbing a few food items I went to the entertainment/electronics department. It cost more than I expected and more than the 1 I found on Amazon. But it’s a bit bigger and has more storage then my old tablet.

My old tablet died while I was still in Vegas. I missed being able to do some things on the tablet that I can’t do on my outdated laptop…like play canasta, backgammon, and farm heroes saga. I also miss reading free e-books. I still remember when I got my first Kindle years ago, and my friend Kathleen told me all about free e-books. I have been hooked ever since.

I will have to write to amazon and explain that I have a different e-reader to see if I can download some of the same books I had before. This morning while trying to get fictional books about the Amish all I could get was a message  saying that I already purchased the book. I also want the books by: Patricia Cornwall & Dean Koontz  that I had before. Today I found 2 books by: Harper Lee that I must read. I went to a play here in South Dakota, last month,  about her book “To Kill a Mockingbird “, and loved it. Now I must read the book, and Harper’s new one.

One nice thing about ebooks, is that you can read anything in public and nobody knows what you are reading. You can read trashy mind-numbing stuff all day long without hearing any comments about it being a waste of time. To be honest, what is your impression  of someone reading trashy romance novels?

Some people like my brother like real books that you hold in your hand and turn a page. My brother built a library/office in his home and it’s actually 1 of my favorite rooms in his house. But I like e-readers too. With my lifestyle, it’s easier to carry thousands of books around in my purse on my tablet. I can travel easier with my e-reader then my brother can with his library.

My Weekend

I have Thursday & Friday off again this week, so this is my new weekend for now. Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day, which was a bit surprising after the heavy rain, lightening and then a hail storm the night before. So far today it’s another sun-shiny, bird-chirping day

Yesterday after breakfast, I went to check out the museum here. It’s the 1st time I have been to it. It’s pretty cool if you’re into history, politics, and sculptures. They also have a nice bookstore. Afterwards, I rode to Keystone with the shuttle driver. He had to get gas for our shuttle so I ran into the little country store to get chips. Yes I know chips ain’t good for you, but I had to be quick as the driver had a schedule to keep. I just needed something so I could get change to do laundry today.

I went back up to the employee dining room (EDR) for lunch. I had ham, sweet potato, peaches. and a small piece of chocolate cake…I won’t grab that cake again. it was toooo chocolaty, tooo rich & sweet. Just the peaches would have been enough. I wasn’t really hungry at dinner time, so I skipped it. But later I did have a tiny package of craisins & an orange while sitting in my dorm room. This morning seeing as I have the dorm room to myself (roomie went to visit family) I skipped breakfast and just had coffee & another orange in the room. We are not allowed to cook in our rooms. We are probably not supposed to use the coffee pot either, but I am glad that my roomie brought it.

Late last night, I happened to be downstairs with a group of the kids. Belle mentioned that she was a “National Park Brat”. Like the military brat who grows up moving from 1 military base to another, Belle grew up moving to different National Parks. Her parents worked in Zion, Crater Lake, Death Valley, Joshua Tree, and somewhere in South Carolina & Tennessee. I think she said that she will be going back to Death Valley when our jobs at Mt Rushmore is over for the season. Hmmm, I had thought about applying there again. (didn’t get the job before) If no other job appears to me, then I need to get more info from her about Death Valley.

Somehow I must of twisted my knee again yesterday, because last night it started hurting when I walked or just put pressure on that leg. Luckily I can walk better today,  so I can carry laundry downstairs.  The laundry room is downstairs near the community TV room. There is a bookshelf crammed with books, magazines & jigsaw puzzles. I grabbed a couple books to read 1. The Weird Sisters, by:Eleanor Brown 2. Whiskey Sour, by: J.A. Konrath & 3. Critical Conditions, by: Stephen White. I have lost sooo many books during all my traveling. I had bought a kindle in 2012, but it got stepped on and broke, then my tablet died on me while I was in Vegas a couple months ago. I could carry the whole bookcase in those electronic gadgets, which was easier to carry when traveling.books-1