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Breakfast and another schedule change

I had 2 cups of coffee and opened a bag of pork rinds, before walking up to the post office. I didn’t get the package that I was expecting from Amazon. I got a message from Amazon saying that the package needs my signature, so I really hope that UPS driver doesn’t come by until I am at work today.

I traded my morning shift with one of the kids from Ecuador. She got a 2nd job at the local Mexican restaurant to work nights, so she needs to work the morning shift in our store. It will only be on Friday-Sunday, so I will keep my morning shifts on Monday and Thursday. The kid will only be here another month, and after that the boss said he will give me back all my morning shifts. I like going in for morning shifts better.

While I was in the store checking the mail, I did a little grocery shopping and bought another carton of eggs, a package of salad greens, cherry tomatoes, and more pork rinds. I don’t know what eggs cost in your store but in my store they are $3.19 for a dozen. We don’t have a variety of sizes either..it’s all 1 price for eggs. Yes I think $3.19 is expensive but I bought them anyways because I like eggs for breakfast. I did good…I skipped Starbucks today. I had their steak and egg wrap for breakfast couple days ago.

Anyways after walking back home, I made another cup of coffee and put 1/4 scoop of chocolate whey protein powder into it. I cooked 2 eggs in the microwave and also had some broccoli with cheese sauce. It’s about 11:30am now and I don’t have to be at work until 3pm. I doubt that I will be hungry by the time I leave for work.

It was cold and windy all last night. I had to dig the portable heater out of my closet to keep my room warm. One of the housemates turned the main heater for the house off. So it’s cold in the rest of the house when I got up this morning. I think our high temps for today will be around 40 degrees. So I know that by the time I get out of work tonight at 10pm, that I will want to grab a cup of tea.

For now my schedule looks like this:

Monday 8:30-4

Tuesday: off

Wednesday: off

Thursday 8:30-4

Friday 3-10

Saturday 3-10

Sunday 3-10


Shopping For My Cold

I am staying in a Super 8 motel, within walking distance to the Super Walmart in Flagstaff, for a few days. I decided that I needed to get a few items to try and get rid of my Winter Crud. I can’t remember the last time I had such a cold before now, but I know that I don’t want to have another one after this is gone.

I got 3 different teas…all with ginger in them. If I don’t like them maybe my roommate will. My roommate went to the clinic in the national park and was diagnosed with bronchitis. There are 7 women living in the house and I think 4 of us are sick. Great time for the heater to break at home.

This motel is right next to a cracker Barrel, and some Outback Steakhouse is down passed that, but I don’t have anymore energy to go back out. I don’t usually eat processed soup, but while I am sick and staying in a motel the soup will be good enough.

I already had Halls cough drops and Ibuprofen so I didn’t buy anymore..I should of bought lemons but I didn’t want to carry anything else. Besides my store in Tusayan sells lemons so I can just get them there. We just don’t have a big selection of health/first aid stuff. Hopefully my roommate doesn’t mind the smell of the VaporRub. My mom used it for me and my brothers alot when we were little and I love the smell. But my roommate has a sensitive nose and doesn’t like strong smells.

I tried out my new thermometer and it seems that I don’t have a fever.. 98°. So I just need to get rid of my headache, runny nose, phlegm and nagging cough. I probably should have gotten more Mucinex. Seeing as I told my boss that I would see a doctor while I was in Flagstaff, I will probably stop in the ER at the hospital tomorrow just so I can get an official “sick note” for work.

Good Morning

I am up again earlier then any sane person should be. 3am and I have my coffee and instant oatmeal…I mixed a blueberry &  banana flavored packages together. I also have a banana  that I bought yesterday, after work. I can see the shadows of the palm trees outside blowing in the wind, so I know I will need to dress warmer for work today. This will be day #7, working an 8-day stretch.

Now what does a person do when they wake up 3 hours before they have to leave for work? Well obviously they type out a new blog post, while drinking a couple cups of coffee. I will jump in the shower around 4am, and will linger enough to apply moisturizer because dry skin has been driving me crazy lately. I even remembered to take my vitamins/supplements this morning. Need to make that a priority again because waking up in the middle of the night with leg cramps (Charlie horses) for 20-30 minutes is no fun at all.


The above picture was yesterday’s breakfast during my break at work. When I start work at 6:30, I get a break around 7:45am for breakfast. I love the fact that we can have fruit offered everyday. Sometimes there is cantaloupe but not yesterday. I am just hoping that Yellowstone also offers so much fruit everyday for its  employees.

So yes, I will get 2 breakfasts, the one I ate at 3am & another one about 4.5 hours later. I have been trying to be good and skip the blueberry muffins and french toast.

Quiet Morning


Went to breakfast this morning. Mushrooms & bell pepper in the scrambled eggs, didn’t really need 2 blueberry muffins but they are sooo good and I always love having some type of fruit…today it’s  cantaloupe. Best thing about breakfast and lunch is that they are FREE.


It was almost 70 degrees at 8am today. It will be slightly warmer when I go into work at 2pm. I have heard a rumor that 1 of my new co-workers has put in a transfer to go work @ the Grand Canyon. Guess she isn’t happy here at all. It seems to take a special kind of person to stay here. If she is looking for a single dorm (with no roommates) and more working hours, then she will probably be disappointed with the Grand Canyon also.



Those 2 photos belong to my roommate, Kim. She went hiking around the desert, after work, yesterday and took them with her phone. As you can see, there are miles of desert all around. If you ever need peace & quiet then it’s not hard to find. If you require excitement from a walmart or casino or an amusement park, then of course you are in the wrong place because it isn’t here.

Is Food Your Entertainment?

Couple years ago, my brother made a comment about people using food as entertainment. In a way he is right. People have Summer BBQ’S with family or the whole neighborhood, coworkers will go out together on lunch breaks, and friends meet for dinner on weekends.

Food is probably the 2nd biggest bill (assuming housing is 1st) every month for most people. Grocery shopping, drive-thru windows at some random fast food place, countless snacks from the gas station or snack machines at work is where a lot of people spend their money.

Even here at Mt Rushmore, we get $140 taken out of our paychecks for meals (whether we eat or not), but most of my coworkers still pay money to go out at night to eat. For some reason food seems to be more enjoyable if you go out with other people to eat it. A couple places charge a cover fee to even get a seat, then you’re expected to tip, on top of paying for the meal and drinks. You could end up paying anywhere between $15-$45 for a meal.


This is a picture of a lunch I had last week, at work. Chicken, pasta salad & cantaloupe. It filled me up enough so that I saw no reason to go out and pay for another meal.


I did allow myself to go out for breakfast before going on a train ride last week though..picture above is part of the menu. The buffet was $10.99.

Well I should go get ready for lunch soon. It’s Friday, so I know we get ice cream for dessert.

Good Morning


Picture taken at 7:30am, after I decided to type this up. I have been up for a couple hours but I am still wearing my pj’s. Finally heard someone else moving around in the house about 7:40…must be my sister-in-law.

Anyway I have already had 2 cups of coffee, a blueberry bagel and a banana. I will probably go get a 3rd cup  of coffee soon and grab my blueberry Greek yogurt. Actually I should go jump in the shower soon. Yes today’s picture was taken before I washed my hair.

Today is Sunday. Nothing special planned for today. Probably just a quiet & boring day at home. Might be a good day to organize my paperwork for all my up-coming Dr. visits and the welfare office and the Social Security office.


Good To The Last Bite

Now lets face it…I love to eat; but then who doesn’t? It’s one addiction that you can’t quit cold turkey because you need food in order to live. There are tons of arguments about what kind of food to eat in order to live better though.
I don’t always choose the best food around. This morning I walked to the employee cafeteria to have an omelette for breakfast. Their special for today was “corn-beef hash & eggs”. Now how the heck exactly is corn-beef hash made??? I don’t know but it has never looked very appetizing to me.

I bought some snacks to bring home…of course snacks from that place are never healthy. I got a Kit-Kat candybar, a package of 6 little Hostess donuts, a cinnamon roll & Banana.

Then after lunch-time,I went up to our General store to get a 3 apples for $1.57, 2 oranges for $1.19, 1 container of yogurt for .67, a frozen peach pie(mini single-serving size) for $1.22, and package of 8 hamburg buns $4.17…and if I had realized that 8 buns would cost that much then I would not of bought them. Guess that should teach me to check prices better.
But at least I checked out the prices for yogurt before buying it. Our store has a few new brands that I have been curious about but I ain’t paying almost $2 for a small container of yogurt just because its made in Iceland, and the greek yogurt isn’t much cheaper then that.

Now I got thinking about my old Weight Watchers group this morning. I was allowed to have 29 points a day. Technically it didn’t matter where the 29 points came from as long as I didn’t eat more points then I was allowed. So if I wanted to eat 29 points worth of Kit-Kat bars. Actually if I figured out the points correctly…the 1 candybar I had today was worth 6 points, and my mini peach pie was worth 10 points. So I ate over 1/2 my points with just 2 items.

Seeing as fresh fruit & raw veggies are worth zero points,I will be better off sticking with my apples, oranges & baby carrots.