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Trying to Organize



Here is part of my closet, sorry the whole thing does not show up in 1 picture; but this is most of the clothes that I have worn for the last few weeks. I have 3 hoodies in the car, so they are not in the picture. I don’t have a dresser and for now I’m in no hurry to get 1. Hey if all your clothes fit into 1 closet then why would I need to spend money on a piece of furniture that would take up space in a bedroom and to much space in a car if for any reason I needed to move again. They might be hard to see in this picture but I only own 3 pair of pants (2tan/khaki & 1 brown), 1 pair of blue capris are folded on top of my black & green shorts. If I actually end up staying here during the Winter then I will need to buy boots & a warm coat.

Course this doesn’t mean that the rest of my room is clutter free. I WISH!! So even though I don’t collect alot of clothes, I do collect to much paper clutter. I have maps, newspapers, brochures, recipts, magazines, books, cards, bills (and other mail), work stuff, and menus for different places. It’s the paper clutter that always drives me crazy.

You know you have to much “paper” clutter, when all the paper takes up more room in your car then your clothes do. I’m not exactly sure but I might have a few clothes left in the trunk of the car. I know for sure that I still have to much “paper” thrown all over the back seat.

Well it’s time for a break from this clutter. I need more coffee and some of yesterday’s applesauce bread. Ok, so I only want coffee and really need to throw out some trash. Less trash = less stuff to lose track of = more peace in my head. Peace is always a good thing.



Another 3-day Weekend

Besides sleeping and wasting time on the internet…which is how I spend to much of my time off from work.

This morning I walked over to e-cafe for breakfast and this afternoon I brought armloads of books downstairs to the free table. Books that I am not bringing to Alaska.

This afternoon, I was online finding different meet-up groups for the Anchorage area and finding some Alaska forums. Because I am sure as time goes on that I will have questions that only Alaskan residents can answer and figured this was a good way to find them.

Tonight I happened to check out a feature on google called “Google Calender”. I was using the calender to figure out all the paydays before my move to Alaska. Tonight I realized that my last payday will be March 21st, not March 28th like I originally thought. Which means I could of flown out of AZ a week earlier. My plane ticket is not refundable so I am stuck with the flight date that I have, but I can change my last work day. 🙂

So anyways, I have 12 more paydays before I leave; then I will get a check for my 3-weeks vacation time sent to me after I am gone. Why should I stay any longer then I need to? I figure that I only need to stay long enough to reach my 5-year anniversary and get the 3-week vacation pay. Now I wish I had found this google calender before I bought my plane ticket.

Well, I should get offline so I can make more coffee & microwave popcorn and get back to sorting out books & magazines. Good thing I have about 24 more weeks here because it will take every one of those weeks to get through this decluttering project. I swear, after this move I never, ever want to own this much stuff again; it’s to darn stressful when I want to move.