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I Ain’t Sugar-Coating Nothing Today

I have been told many times that I can be harsh, and I need to tone down my sarcasm. Well my response to that is “I don’t work at Dunkin Donuts, so I ain’t sugar coating anything”, or I will repeat one of my dad’s sayings “Use your head for something besides a hat rack”. Usually it’s my response when someone asks something for a zillion times or says something that makes absolutely no logical realistic sense. I used to ask my mother “do you want me to give you an HONEST answer or a NICE answer…cuz they won’t be the same”. So because some people can’t handle my comments in public forum diet groups online I decided to post them on my own page here.

Sooo if you are on any diet (and it doesn’t matter which one) the diet rules and guidelines say “eat foods #1,#2,#3 and don’t eat foods #4,#5,#6”. I really don’t wanna hear that you have no idea on what to eat, because if you had read the rules before you announced that you were on the diet than you would already know what to eat. Yeah you get bored with foods #1,#2 and #3 or you are addicted to food #4 and wake up in the middle of the night craving it. Well then eat the damn thing but then don’t tell me that you are following the diet because you ain’t.

And if giving in to your cravings makes you gain weight, don’t come whining to me saying that you have no idea why you gained. Some people can’t handle any diet without a scheduled cheat day. They need a yummy treat to look forward to. Well if any diet is any good, then why would you cheat yourself of its rewards…lost weight, better health, smaller clothes?

I stopped buying bags of sugar many years ago. I don’t even know what sugar costs in the store, where I work. I have a container of honey that I bought in January when I was sick, I thought I would use it in my tea, but nope I never opened it. Now if you raise bees and collect fresh honey from your own beehives then I would say you got real honey. That stuff I bought is just man-made crap. I grew up in New England, where people will tap trees every year to make their own maple syrup. While it’s all sugar, it’s also REAL. Not like the watered-down crap full of mystery ingredients that you find in alot of stores.

Most diets tell you to cut down/ limit processed crap…usually it means, stop stuffing your face with sugar, bad carbs and things full of man-made chemicals. Basically learn to eat real food. How can you live without some items that come packaged in a Box? Well, the same way your great-great grandparents did.


But, you claim that real food is bland and boring. So what? Get used to it! Your taste buds will survive. Quite a few members of my family are diabetic and during one of my pregnancies my doctor was worried about me developing the disease. Doctors usually tell people with diabetes to limit sugar or use some fake alternative. Have you ever done a Internet search for “Sweet & Low” or “Equal” or “Splenda” or any of the other mysterious artificial sweeteners? OMG, that stuff can be worse than sugar.

Something from that list above can be found in most packaged food. I have noticed that the above list missed a few sweeteners, Oh well hopefully you get the idea.

I have worked in nursing homes, some restaurants and now I work in a general store. Sometimes it amazes me what some people call a meal. I can’t understand when I see huge obese people load up plates or shopping carts with what I call junk and then they feel the need to top it off with a super sized diet soda. I just can’t wrap my brain cells around it, to understand why they are eating like that. As if a giant diet soda will make all their other crap alright. Hey, I might be a weirdo for slicing up lemons to put into my water bottle and then adding a couple cap-fulls of apple cider vinegar. But I will take my weird drink any day over any diet soda. I have never liked the taste of diet sodas, on the rare times that I tried them years ago and they made my stomach hurt for hours.

At this time, I am following quite a few diet groups on facebook and even more diet groups on Sparkpeople. I now have about 3 dozen books downloaded onto my tablet about those diets. I’m not sure how to really classify my eating. I usually just tell people that I am picky, without explaining any diet.

Like most people, there are sugary food items that I like the taste of: ice cream, junior mints, mentos, and reese’s pieces. But I can’t even say half the ingredients in those and if you looked up all the side effects of each ingredient then you would see how toxic they really are. So if you are wondering what’s my go-to snack item now….well its, Pork Rinds with Guacamole. Yes, I went from sugar to salt & fat. The plain pork rinds have NO sugar/NO carbs…but lots of salt. My last roommate used to complain about my pork rinds alot.

Why does food have to contain artificial anything…artificial colors, artificial flavorings, and artificial sugars? What ever happened to eating real food? I haven’t done enough research to figure out why or when our groceries started looking like they came from a science class instead of a home economic class.

As Dad used to say: “You are what you eat. You eat junk, you become junk.”


World Sleep Day

March 16th is not only my birthday, it’s World’s Sleep Day. But seeing as it’s a Friday, I will be working. I can guarantee that I won’t be sleeping in late that morning either. Did you know that this last Monday was National Nap Day? It seems that the Monday after most of us change the clocks ahead in the Spring is a day to take a nap. Course that day changes every year…and why is that now in early March? I can remember when I was a kid that it happened in April. Oh well, I am living in AZ now so I don’t have to change clocks. Even though I was surprised that the clock on my phone changed by itself while the one on my tablet did not.

I get email newsletters from the Mayo Clinic, and this week one article they sent me was titled “5 tips for a better sleep”. From their list, my biggest problem might be electronics. Meaning that I need to shut my phone and tablet off at the same time every night. Instead of staring at my screens, I need to just stare toward a blank wall in the dark until eventually I can stare at the insides of my eyelids.

One thing I have read about low-carb/ keto diet is that it helps you sleep better. A diet would have to perform a total miracle for that to happen with me. My sleep habits have been out-of-whack for many years. But even though I can normally spend 20 hours awake every day, doesn’t mean that I will be an energizing bunny all day at work. I have hardly ever been loaded with energy, no matter what kind of diet I was on.

Fatigue is, just basically, a lack of energy, and we get our energy from the food we eat. Our diets are largely dominated by carbohydrate – grains like rice and wheat, potatoes, root vegetables, fruit, sugar etc., and these are broken down into glucose.

It turns out there is another way to fuel your body, using fats.This pathway is largely switched off when your body has a regular supply of carbohydrate (ie. a standard western diet). Back in hunter-gatherer days, life was feast and famine – eat what you can while the going is good, then survive on your body fat reserves when food is harder to find. Nowadays we rarely give our bodies the chance to get truly hungry, often eating out of habit and want rather than need.

I laugh when people say 1. to only eat when you are hungry. 2. Don’t skip meals because your body will go into starvation mode. Oh Jesus christ people, make up your mind because you can’t have it both ways. If I only ate when hungry then I might eat once every few days.

Normally I have breakfast with my coffee in the morning. Mainly it’s a habit to eat then. Today breakfast was at 4am. It is now after 11:30pm and while I am waiting for the Tylenol PM to kick in and knock me into sleepy dreamland, I am munching on pork rinds dipped in Guacamole. No I ain’t hungry, just bored. I took the sleeping pill around 11pm and it usually takes about 2 hours afterwards to finally fall asleep. If I am lucky, I might sleep 5-6 hours.

Now if the wifi at home doesn’t let me post this tonight, then I will have to walk up to Starbucks and use their free public internet service tomorrow. Seeing as this is my weekend, I will also need to do laundry and finish organizing my closet but I just didn’t have enough energy or motivation to do it today.

And just to keep track of the weightloss: I am down to 172# today (Tuesday 3/13)

Coffee, Chocolate and Dieting

As I might have mentioned before, I started on a low-carb diet this year. The plan was to go on the “Keto” diet. I even joined a bunch of keto groups on facebook for ideas to see how other people handled this restricted way of eating in our modern world.

On the #Keto diet, you are allowed <20 grams of carbs daily. Well after months of being homeless in Georgia, and having about 80-90% of my #diet being #carbs, this diet was a shock into reality.

When I was a young kid, my dad had gardens every Summer and we always heard him say “You are what you eat. You eat junk, then you become junk”. Of course the veggies in his garden wasn’t junk, that was real food. We were allowed to eat as much “real food” as we wanted.

Now the Keto diet promotes the theory of eating real food also..real organic butter, real bacon, eggs, avocados, really good expensive cheese..without added fillers, and lots of veggies (except the starchy ones). Actually it’s a diet that my dad needs now, to fight all his medical issues.

My problem with such a diet (or any diet) is:

#1. I haven’t worn my top dentures for over a year and now they don’t fit anymore. Without teeth I can’t chew things like celery, nuts, most pickles, steak, pepperoni/salami and bacon (depending on how it’s cooked). Basically anything that you have to bite through, I would need to put into my new blender.

And yes, steak shakes are filling and yummy.

#2. I brought no kitchen supplies with me when I moved back to AZ. I still don’t even own a pan to boil water in, but the kitchen in my home came with a built-in microwave.

#3. I share a kitchen with 6 other people. There is not much space for me to store anything even if I wanted to. 1 refrigerator for 7 people is ridiculous. Imagine if we all wanted eggs, then that means 7 cartons of eggs in 1 refrigerator…imagine the same with milk…and etc.

#4. After traveling around so much, and time living in my car, I really am just used to the “grab-and-go” foods…course those are the types of food that are bad for you.

#5. With 7 people living in 1 house, everyone has different schedules. Some people hate to smell food while they are trying to sleep ( it’s 9:00am now and I think I am the only one awake).

#6. Lots of different diets advise you to only eat when you are hungry. Well I usually eat when I am bored/ stressed out.. enough so that I don’t really know what hungry feels like. Even though I don’t eat after 12noon (which is when I am getting ready for work). So my eating time is between 6am-noon on work days. So that leaves 18 hours every day where I don’t eat at all. Times may differ, depending on when I actually get out of bed in the morning.

#7. There is only 1 general store and 1 gas station in my tiny town to buy our own food. Both are expensive in my opinion. But when your brain still thinks like a homeless person, you want everything priced like the .99 stores that you can find in Phoenix or Las Vegas.

Well we do have restaurants if you want to pay over $20 for most meals. 1 hotel has a wonderful breakfast buffet that charges us local residents $10 for an all-you-can-eat breakfast. But I ain’t paying $70 a week just so I can have Omelets everyday.

This morning I am on my second cup of coffee. I added a quarter scoop of chocolate whey protein powder into each cup of hot coffee. The powder gets a bit clumpy and takes a minute to stir it up good to mix/dissolve all the chocolate. Protein powders were made to mix with cold liquid but does actually work well with hot coffee. Supposedly it is better for you then Swiss Miss hot chocolate. Not sure how much better, seeing as they both have a bunch of man-made chemicals. I honestly think I would be better off putting a steak in the blender every morning, except that would cost to much and take to much time.

Yesterday was a day off, so I walked over to the gas station to buy a newspaper and a bag of plain pork rinds. The plain bag has only 2 items listed as ingredients: fried pork skin and salt (and zero carbs). You can get a bag of hot, spicy pork rinds with a long list of man-made chemicals listed as ingredients. Good thing I don’t like hot spicy food. Sometimes I will dip the plain pork rinds in whipped cream cheese but mostly I just eat them straight out of the bag..because the bag is sitting near my bed and I am to lazy to walk back to kitchen and look for the cream cheese in a crowded refrigerator. While I was at the gas station I decided to try a bottle of those chilled Mocha coffee Frappuccino drinks…yes it has 47 grams of carbs…more then what’s allowed on any Keto diet for 2.5 days.

While I can’t seem to follow any diet exactly they way their rules are written. If I want to eat or drink something then I will. One of my housemates got back from a little vacation to England yesterday. She brought back a small box of chocolate for us all to try. I tried 2 different flavors this morning with my coffee. It’s not anything I will ever want/need to try again, but I can say that I have tried fancy English chocolate.

Even with all my chocolate and extra carbs that I had this last week, I still managed to lose 1.8 pounds. I am down to 175.4, soon I might have to buy new pants because I have a few pair now that I don’t even have to unzip or unbutton to get on. They start sliding down while I’m walking or sitting, so it’s a good thing that my jacket covers while out in public or I would be hearing plumber jokes all day.

Grocery Shopping

Kim let me use her truck while she was working a couple days ago, so I went to Pahrump, NV. I had hoped to buy a new cell phone to replace the tracfone I lost on New Years…but no such luck. Anyways, I went grocery shopping at Walmart.

Yes employees get free breakfast & lunch at work, but it’s not always good and definitely not the healthiest food to eat. But seeing as I have gained weight since being here I must be eating enough of it.
Well I am assuming that the return of annoying heartburn and  the need for bigger clothes is caused by my poor diet of free meals along with to much beer & pringles after work.

I sat my fat ass down and remembered how I stopped the heartburn before. I stopped eating crap (or at least what I call crap), and it worked before because the heartburn instantly went away when I left my family’s home in NH, and I was no longer eating with my aunt anymore. I had moved to AZ, and was eating mostly fruit, veggies & frozen fish.

Then when I moved to Las Vegas, I was able to lose more weight. In fact I weighed about 40 pounds less then I do today. Now how does anyone lose weight in Vegas…easy when you don’t have a steady job to pay for food. Then when I went back to work for Xanterra, I was able to eat more…and I do. Which is why I am 40 pounds heavier then when I left Vegas 7 months ago.

Now all I have is a mini dorm-fridge & a blender, so I have no way to store or cook a bunch of frozen fish. But I can eat good stuff like


Kim brought me home these veggies last week. They are great with hummus.
I also bought the food below at Walmart this week..


I don’t really like just straight almond milk, but when it’s mixed with peanut butter, protein powder and a banana then it’s not bad. Only thing is…I learned last night that I have to hide bananas because otherwise Kim will eat a few while I am at work. Did you noticed the little packages of Chia seeds & hemp seeds? Well those will go into smoothies. I love the effect chia seeds have in smoothies but the hemp seeds are a new item for me to try.

I will be making laughing to myself when I go into work with my hemp seed protein smoothie. You always here about work places having a zero-drug policy or being a drug-free zone and I plan on sipping on my hemp smoothie at work all evening.  The package of hemp says it has 5 grams of protein, 1 gram of carbs, and 10% of the daily value for iron. So I am calling it my new health food.


38# Gain

Last time I weighed myself around May 30th, while I was living in Vegas. I left my scales in Vegas with a friend when I moved away for a seasonal job. At that time, I weighed 161.
That was almost 6 months ago (25 weeks). Today I went shopping to buy bigger pants because mine were getting to small. I decided to also buy new bathroom scales.


OMG!!! This is the most I have ever weighed. I gave birth to 7 babies and I weigh more now then I did when I was pregnant. My baby is 18 years old with a baby of her own.

How in the Hell could I have gained almost 39 pounds in the last 25 weeks?? That’s more than 1.5 pounds every week. Dr’s and online articles say to lose 1-2 pounds a week if you are going on a diet. Well if it took me 25 weeks to gain 39 pounds, then let’s see if it will take me another 25 weeks to lose it all again.

Weight-Watchers Gave Me a New Cousin


This is MaryAnnImage

I haven’t seen my cousin in years, and was totally shocked when I ran into her at Wal-Mart yesterday. Once upon  a time she weighed about 332 pounds. I swear that she lost half herself somewhere. Actually she goes to weight-watcher meetings on Wednesday nights.

Now I like the Jennifer Hudson & Jessica Simpson commercials for weightwatchers; but lets face it…they are Hollywood people, and like most hollywood people their life & level of income demands them to look good. But when an ordinary normal single mom can lose alot of weight, It really means something & I take notice.

I still have the little gadget that lets me figure out the points value for food, so it shouldn’t be all that hard to start it up again. Course it’s only good for food with labels where fats, protein, fiber & carbs, are listed. But I don’t want to pay for meetings just to get all the books to figure out how to deal with other food (like all my sister-in-law’s homemade cooking)

Anyays, I had gone into Wal-Mart because I ran out of yogurt, so I picked up 6 containers of Chobani Greek yogurt, 12-bottles of Liptons Citrus green tea, a bag of Pistachios, bananas, and 2 frozen meals.



A day to Remember

Yes, it’s 9/11 again…and my son is still in Afghanistan. He has been to Afghanistan & Iraq to many times to keep track of.

Anyways a couple nights ago at work…after watching people come into my cafeteria, I came to the realization that the most crabby & unhealthy looking people were the same people who wanted extra bread with EVERYTHING. Even if bread wasn’t included with what they ordered…like they “needed” 2 rolls with soup…usually soup don’t come with any bread”. If they ordered Chili in a bread bowl they would ask for extra rolls or grab a handful of crackers to go with the chili. Last night we had a family come in with 3 kids and 2 of the kids were running all around and yelling…and yes they had to have extra bread too.

Now when ever we get guests come in with a gluten allergy, they are usually slimmer, have more patience, and are more healthy looking. Now this all had me thinking…does wheat really make that much of a difference??  What could be in wheat to make this difference? I don’t have an answer for that but I am really starting to think twice about what type of foods I order at work.

I’m in the process of re-organizing the pages I like on facebook (boy is that gonna take awhile) but I found alot of new pages about health stuff. Yes I know getting my healthier is more then just ‘liking’ pages on facebook. If I can talk the talk, then I need to walk the walk…so to speak.

Hey if my son can spend many years in a war zone defending people’s rights and/or trying to make sure everyone has a few freedoms…then the least I can do is make sure that I live my life the best way I can. Otherwise what does that say about his efforts?