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It’s April…but no Spring Showers

My schedule got changed again this week because one of the international kids from Ecuador, wanted to go on a rec center trip to Walmart. So we traded days..she is working this morning for me and I will be working Wednesday night for her. I went shopping in Flagstaff with Robin last week. Robin was nice enough to take me to the bank so I could walk in and get a temporary bank card, as I still had not gotten mine in the mail.

According to the weather app on my phone, I don’t expect rain until the middle of May. But Utah and Colorado might get rain and even a bit of snow in the mountains, this month. But as usual that could all change next week. Today it’s about 63 degrees and windy in Tusayan.

I am typing this on Monday but probably won’t post it until Tuesday, when I go out to for breakfast. Last night I went to a dinner buffet at one of the local hotels. It was yummy but rather expensive (in my opinion..$28 is expensive). Being Easter, I ate lots of ham and spare ribs. Cheesecake isn’t on my diet but I had some anyways. Guests will usually come into the store and ask me about different restaurants in town. I had only tried breakfast here at the “Canyon Plaza Resort” before, and now I can honestly tell people that their dinners are helluva lot better. I was stuffed by the time I walked home. I fell asleep before 7pm, and got back up around 2am.

The above picture was taken last week..I was pretty excited because I don’t remember seeing the 160’s since May 2015 (according to what I could find posted online). While I was in Flagstaff I bought some pants to wear to work. All my size 18 pants were to big..I had actually started wearing a belt everyday. I had given up belts years ago, but now they were a necessity. The belt came with a pair of pants I bought over a year ago. Even though the pants fit at the time, the belt was to small. Now I can buckle the belt into the third hole. Anyways I am now wearing size 15/16 pants.

Today (Monday) I am finally getting around to putting away the stuff that I bought last week. Good thing I still have a room to myself…so far. Seeing as I bought a view movies from a thrift store I will also take time to watch a dvd movie that I had never heard of, “Eternal Sunshine..of the spotless mind”. It stars Jim Carrey and usually I like his movies. Ok this has got to be his strangest movie ever.

Last week, I ordered some craft supplies online. They should start arriving Thursday. I can’t wait to be able to create stuff again. I am hoping to create things to sell later. Not sure if that means I have to register for a business license in order to do this but I will figure that out later.


This week’s dinners


Thanks to Kim, I was able to take pics with my new phone. I can’t  figure out how to post on this blog from my phone, so I had to send the pics to my email, then download them onto my tablet. An ex-coworker on  facebook actually complained about people posting pictures of food. Hmm, I assume if it bothers her to bad then she will hit the unfollow button soon. But seeing as this is MY page I can post all the food pics that I want. Actually it’s MY page on facebook & Instagram also so I can still post pics of food there.


This one above was listed  as chicken fajitas on our menu, but I just got the fajita meat without wrapping it up. The grilled veggies were wonderful. The Spanish rice was ok..not spicy at all. I would of rather just skipped the rice and doubled the veggies.


As you can see I got more melons with dinner. I love being able to have watermelon or cantaloupe almost every day if  I want. The meatballs in the last pic was a bit sweet because the cook used a little grape jelly in them. I never would have thought of putting jelly in meatballs before.
Tonight I work the night shift again and pork loin or pesto chicken is on the menu. I will have the pork as I don’t like pesto. Tonight will be my Monday & my Friday. Meaning I had last night off and starting tomorrow I have the next 3 days off. After that I will have a week of working morning shifts.

In other news: Katie finally bought herself a small used camper for $3500. She has moved into it with her little dog. Only problem with that is (and maybe I am being self centered) I don’t see her as often. In fact I have not seen her in almost a week. Kim has updated her resume so she can apply for the F&B manager job here in Death Valley…even though she has also been excepted for a server/bartender job in  Crater Lake for the Summer. I am still procrastinating about where to go for the Summer…..but think I will wait to post anymore about that until after I have my mind made up.

Thursday’s Dinner Treat


Sorry about the blurry picture.

It’s a dinner salad with salmon on top. The salmon was good but it was obvious that it wasn’t “Alaska” fresh. See I like to compare the fish I get all over the country to the fish I had in Alaska. I guess if I want really great salmon then I need another trip to Alaska. Kerry also had a small side salad and some salmon.

Today I found a job online for a gift shop associate in the Tampa airport that pays $13/hour. I lived in Tampa for about  7 months in 2006-2007, and have an ex-coworker from the Grand Canyon that lives in St. Petersburg, which isn’t all that far from Tampa. Going to Tampa for the Winter would be nice. Now that I have my big camera I would love getting pictures of pink flamingos, Gasparilla (I call it Tampa’s version of Mardi Gras), Ybor City, and people’s silly lawn decorations at Christmas time…hey seeing Santa on hammocks sipping umbrella drinks was silly to me.

If I could work in the Tampa airport for 6 months and then transfer to an airport in Alaska for 6 Months, then that would make for a pretty great year. Course I have already been to both states, so that doesn’t get me to anywhere new. But there are quite a few places in both states that I did not get to see when I was in them before.

It’s Dinnertime

Last night I went out with 4 co-workers for dinner. We went to a place called “Grizzly Creek Restaurant” in Keystone, South Dakota. It’s the first time I have gone out to eat anywhere in Keystone. Usually at work if a tourist asks us where to eat, Grizzly’s is a common answer from most of my co-workers.

Ok, the food taste good but it’s to expensive for me. 2 ladies just had a huge dinner salad with chicken in it. 1 lady had fish tacos and my roomie & I both had burgers & onion rings. I had mushrooms & swiss cheese on my burger. My meal came to about $14.65, which is a bit more then what I would normally pay for a meal anywhere. I guess I am used to Burger King’s prices…from the dollar menu.  The waitress forgot to give us the local discount..not even sure how much the discount would be. Even though my burger was good, I won’t order it again. If I ever go there again I will stay with the cheaper appetizers. Someone else told me recently that they like “Teddy’s Deli” because it’s quick and no tipping is expected.  So maybe on my next weekend I will try that place, just to be able to say I tried a few different places in Keystone after I leave here.

For now I am tired and my feet & back hurt from work. It was a crazy-busy day in the bull-pen. I had a tourist come in and pay with her credit card…her real first & middle name was “Sunshine Day”, she got excited when she saw my name tag that says SUNNY. Yes folks, if anyone who knows me on other sites or worked with me @ the Grand Canyon, my boss here at Mt Rushmore spelled my name  different then you’re used to.

I have eaten a can of peaches & a protein bar in my dorm room for tonight’s dinner. It’s only about 8:30pm, but I already took Tylenol PM so I am going to get ready for bed now. Tomorrow is my Friday. Tomorrow night we might get rain & thunder, which will be a good thing.

Seasonal Workers

I guess I would say that it takes a special kind of person to adjust to living a seasonal work life. Most of the people I know (in real life or on sites like coolworks) move around to different locations 2-3 times a year. That can be great if there are alot of locations that you want to visit or if you don’t like snow. You find a job up North in the Summer then a different job down South during the Winter…unless you like to ski, then maybe you would want a Winter job up North. Changing jobs is not the hardest part of being a seasonal worker. Actually that can be fun, because you can be a cook for 1 season then work in a gift shop durng the next season and maybe be a ski instructor or work on a golf course during another season. You don’t have to worry about getting stuck in a rut for very long. You also get new co-workers every season too. So if you don’t click with someone, you can just count the days till you can move away from them.

The hardest part is “living” in employee housing. Actually at the moment, I don’t have much of a problem with it..(maybe I am used to it and just going with the flow for now) but my roomie is having a hard time adjusting to the sporadic wifi & phone service here. She wants to be able to keep in contact with her family at ALL times, and there are times when that ain’t possible. I only have a cheap tracfone that uses minutes for every text & call, so I hardly use it anyways.  Nobody here can watch youtube without interruptions & buffering either. That is also annoying for me, but I guess I can live a Summer without youtube. This is my roomie’s first season in this type of job, and I really doubt if she will last until the end of September when our season ends. As far as I know she has not heard back from her job interview in Rapid City.

One of my ex-coworkers from Grand Canyon, is now working at a resort in Idaho. I found a cook job available there now. It’s open all year long so I will check back with them later to see what’s open during the Winter. Anyways, he says the wifi works great there. According to that location, the housing is alot cheaper too. Ooh the list of places to check on for Winter jobs is getting long but it’s to early for places to know what they will need then, so I need to just learn to be patient and wait a couple months. Hmmmm, do I want to spend the Winter in a new snowy place with cheap, cheap rent or go to a warmer place with no snow (could only stay till the end of March because of the heat)…and no darn public transportation, or another unknown place. Ooh just thinking of all this can drive even me nuts.

Well I should just stop thinking and go to bed. Luckily my friend Cindy brought me 2 old pillows earlier this evening, so maybe with the 2 old pillows I already had I might be comfortable. I hope so because I am tired of waking up with a sore neck, shoulder & backache. The office people here really needs to invest in new pillows. I miss the pillows I had in Vegas, but with the luggage size restrictions on a plane I couldn’t bring them and I couldn’t afford to mail them.

Meals today were nothing to brag about. I was really disappointed at tonight’s dinner. I was looking forward to stuffed peppers all day until I started eating one. There was no flavor..way to bland, and the pepper was a bit over cooked. My roomie had swedish meatballs over bow-tie pasta but she said the pasta had to much butter..the butter was dripping all over her plate.



Yesterday was my 1st payday here at Mt Rushmore. I arrived here late in the pay period so I only got 32.17 hours. We get paid every 2 weeks, so a normal pay period should be 80 hours. My check was actually more then I expected. Before I got here I was told that my room & board would be $98/week. Well either it’s actually a little less then that or just because I was not here for a whole week, they did not take out a whole weeks worth of room & board.

Anyways my room and board came to $70:  $20 for rent & $50 for meals. I was told that you pay for meals whether you eat them or not, but from now on I will keep track of how many meals I eat to see if it really matters..to see if the meal charge changes at all.

I had enough in my paycheck to pay Cindy back for my plane ticket. Now I have $20 left. With meals & rent taken care of, I only absolutely need to make sure I have enough change for laundry. Right now money for anything else is extra.  Ben & Cindy want to go out for dinner tomorrow night in Keystone for Ben’s birthday. So that dinner will be an extra. It seems almost silly to go out and pay for a dinner,”if” we will also be charged for a dinner at work that we won’t even be eating.

Ben & Cindy have changed their leave date. Then will be gone next Wednesday, at the end of the next pay period. They are moving to Michigan. I should have just over 80 hours on my next paycheck and hopefully the direct deposit kicks in, so I can shop on amazon. I want to get stuff for my camera before I take the trip to “Crazy Horse”. My camera accessories are the only thing I really wanted to make sure and buy this Summer.

We have an employee appreciation Day once a month here. This month it was yesterday. That means we got a special dinner last night and almost everything in the gift shop was 50% off. I did not need anything, so I did not buy anything. Sure there are some nice shirts & coffee mugs that I like but I need to remember that whatever I buy now, I will have to pack up later when this job ends in September, and I already know that I hate packing and lugging stuff around airports or bus stations.

Thawing Out


I have spent the last few days with my Aunt Geri. The picture above is the temp at her house. As you can see, she likes to keep the house cold. It was 59 degrees inside AND outside..Parts of NH, also got snow this last weekend & a flood up North.


The picture is blurry because it was taken out the car window. I was with Geri and we were on our way to visit her sister,Valerie, on Monday morning. This was the little bit of snow that was left.

Well for now, I am going to curl up under the blankie and read the crime-story novel that Geri gave me. Sharon has Chicken cooking for dinner but I am not to hungry now…probably because I had to much junk-food earlier.