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It’s April…but no Spring Showers

My schedule got changed again this week because one of the international kids from Ecuador, wanted to go on a rec center trip to Walmart. So we traded days..she is working this morning for me and I will be working Wednesday night for her. I went shopping in Flagstaff with Robin last week. Robin was nice enough to take me to the bank so I could walk in and get a temporary bank card, as I still had not gotten mine in the mail.

According to the weather app on my phone, I don’t expect rain until the middle of May. But Utah and Colorado might get rain and even a bit of snow in the mountains, this month. But as usual that could all change next week. Today it’s about 63 degrees and windy in Tusayan.

I am typing this on Monday but probably won’t post it until Tuesday, when I go out to for breakfast. Last night I went to a dinner buffet at one of the local hotels. It was yummy but rather expensive (in my opinion..$28 is expensive). Being Easter, I ate lots of ham and spare ribs. Cheesecake isn’t on my diet but I had some anyways. Guests will usually come into the store and ask me about different restaurants in town. I had only tried breakfast here at the “Canyon Plaza Resort” before, and now I can honestly tell people that their dinners are helluva lot better. I was stuffed by the time I walked home. I fell asleep before 7pm, and got back up around 2am.

The above picture was taken last week..I was pretty excited because I don’t remember seeing the 160’s since May 2015 (according to what I could find posted online). While I was in Flagstaff I bought some pants to wear to work. All my size 18 pants were to big..I had actually started wearing a belt everyday. I had given up belts years ago, but now they were a necessity. The belt came with a pair of pants I bought over a year ago. Even though the pants fit at the time, the belt was to small. Now I can buckle the belt into the third hole. Anyways I am now wearing size 15/16 pants.

Today (Monday) I am finally getting around to putting away the stuff that I bought last week. Good thing I still have a room to myself…so far. Seeing as I bought a view movies from a thrift store I will also take time to watch a dvd movie that I had never heard of, “Eternal Sunshine..of the spotless mind”. It stars Jim Carrey and usually I like his movies. Ok this has got to be his strangest movie ever.

Last week, I ordered some craft supplies online. They should start arriving Thursday. I can’t wait to be able to create stuff again. I am hoping to create things to sell later. Not sure if that means I have to register for a business license in order to do this but I will figure that out later.


3-Day Weekend & Farmer’s Market Again

Somehow my body must of gotten used to the routine of going to class 5 days a week with a normal 2 day weekend.  Today is Sunday, but it’s my third day home and I still woke early checking the date on my phone a few times to make sure I really had today off.

Well Friday, I went to get another tire replaced on my car, and was told that I need to replace the front brakes & rotors for about $220. Sometime I also need to get the horn fixed along with the high beam light on the driver’s side. (Good thing I don’t drive much at night). The state of Utah requires a yearly car inspection and so far my car doesn’t pass. Geez, maybe it would of been easier to go to AZ. But it will be nice when it’s done and know the car is safe.

Well Yesterday was Saturday so I went to the farmer’s market again. I ended up winning 2 prizes. I gave the caramel sauce to the family I rent from. The ladies who make the sauce are from Beryl, UT. I am pretty sure that you can find them on facebook, just search for the Four Country Gals.


Unfortunately there wasn’t any peaches or blueberries at the market this week.  So I ended up going to the grocery store to buy bananas & diced up watermelon  (along with junk that I didn’t need) to eat this weekend.


As you can see there were some tomatoes & zucchini at the market which I love. The family I rent from has told me that I can eat some of the tiny tomatoes in their garden, so I don’t need to buy those for awhile.

Now I really need to do my laundry for the week. I have work tomorrow…yup I am still with “Convergy’s”, until something else comes along. I had a phone interview on Friday for a job at the Grand Canyon,  and I have sent 4 resumes into other places. It’s just the dreaded waiting game now to see which one will say …Yes, you’re hired.

Saturday around Cedar City, UT.


This morning while reading a local free paper, I saw a notice for the farmer’s market. This will be going on every Saturday till the end of the Fall season (I think). I only got peaches, blueberries and a loaf of yummy homemade applesauce bread. Some of the best peaches that I have had in the past have come from little farm stands (or bigger farmer’s markets) and today’s fruit is just as good as I remember. I have to go back next weekend because I got a call from 1 of the vendors saying I won a $25 gift certificate.

Later I went to the library to do some writing. I ended up studying for my next test;  in my training class at work. I need all the study time I can get. Believe me, just because I can practically live online 24/7, does not mean I understand how to do a job on a computer.  Didn’t take long though for my mind to wander away from school/ work stuff.

So I decided to go for a drive and check out the new Veterans Memorial Park. I am calling it new because it wasn’t here in the 80’s when I lived here before. Unfortunately I had left home today with only my cell phone for picture taking. I will need to go back another day for better pictures.


Seeing as I blog with my tablet and all today’s pics were taken with my phone, it can be time consuming to first post pictures on facebook and then download them onto my tablet in order to post them here. The above picture is from the Korean War memorial. Don’t you just love the red mountains in the background?


Just an wider shot of the area as I walked back to my car. You can see the flags flying above the trees in the memorial areas. Hard to believe that this is the edge of the city. Nice spot to get away from the rat-race of life.

It was a pretty good day, that got a bit warm. It was about 75° when I left home and had gone up 10 degrees by the time I got home. To warm for the long sleeve shirt I was wearing.

Time to be honest with myself


I love that sculpture in Rhyolite, NV; but I don’t like my picture above. The way I am sitting makes my butt and/or my stomach look HUGE. Of course both are bigger then I would like them to be.


These were taken about a week ago. I have gained about 45 pounds in the 6.5 months that I have been working in Death Valley.

Soon after I got to work yesterday, I started feeling strange. I recognized it as the feeling I get when my blood sugar drops to low.  I don’t  bring my glucose monitor with me to work and this feeling started about 50 minutes before my breakfast break so I wouldn’t  be able to check my blood sugar even if I had brought it anyways. I finally made it to breakfast and loaded up on the potatoes, eggs and 2 muffins. I needed something to raise my blood sugar quick and potatoes usually works. I had lunch 2.5 hours later and all I could eat was a salad & watermelon.  This crazy schedule of having breakfast soon after clocking into work and then lunch 2.5-3 hours later is ridiculous.

I got out of work early yesterday,  around 2:30. Finally checked my blood sugar around 5pm. I was at 240…highest I have probably ever been…and soooo darn tired. Late last night Kim got a pizza and I ate 2 slices. This morning when I woke up my blood sugar had dropped down to 97. This afternoon I checked it again and it was up to 196.

I called (emailed) outta work today and have spent hours researching diabetes online. For now, i am tired again so will be going to take a nap before Kim comes back from her day at  work.

This week’s dinners


Thanks to Kim, I was able to take pics with my new phone. I can’t  figure out how to post on this blog from my phone, so I had to send the pics to my email, then download them onto my tablet. An ex-coworker on  facebook actually complained about people posting pictures of food. Hmm, I assume if it bothers her to bad then she will hit the unfollow button soon. But seeing as this is MY page I can post all the food pics that I want. Actually it’s MY page on facebook & Instagram also so I can still post pics of food there.


This one above was listed  as chicken fajitas on our menu, but I just got the fajita meat without wrapping it up. The grilled veggies were wonderful. The Spanish rice was ok..not spicy at all. I would of rather just skipped the rice and doubled the veggies.


As you can see I got more melons with dinner. I love being able to have watermelon or cantaloupe almost every day if  I want. The meatballs in the last pic was a bit sweet because the cook used a little grape jelly in them. I never would have thought of putting jelly in meatballs before.
Tonight I work the night shift again and pork loin or pesto chicken is on the menu. I will have the pork as I don’t like pesto. Tonight will be my Monday & my Friday. Meaning I had last night off and starting tomorrow I have the next 3 days off. After that I will have a week of working morning shifts.

In other news: Katie finally bought herself a small used camper for $3500. She has moved into it with her little dog. Only problem with that is (and maybe I am being self centered) I don’t see her as often. In fact I have not seen her in almost a week. Kim has updated her resume so she can apply for the F&B manager job here in Death Valley…even though she has also been excepted for a server/bartender job in  Crater Lake for the Summer. I am still procrastinating about where to go for the Summer…..but think I will wait to post anymore about that until after I have my mind made up.

Grocery Shopping

Kim let me use her truck while she was working a couple days ago, so I went to Pahrump, NV. I had hoped to buy a new cell phone to replace the tracfone I lost on New Years…but no such luck. Anyways, I went grocery shopping at Walmart.

Yes employees get free breakfast & lunch at work, but it’s not always good and definitely not the healthiest food to eat. But seeing as I have gained weight since being here I must be eating enough of it.
Well I am assuming that the return of annoying heartburn and  the need for bigger clothes is caused by my poor diet of free meals along with to much beer & pringles after work.

I sat my fat ass down and remembered how I stopped the heartburn before. I stopped eating crap (or at least what I call crap), and it worked before because the heartburn instantly went away when I left my family’s home in NH, and I was no longer eating with my aunt anymore. I had moved to AZ, and was eating mostly fruit, veggies & frozen fish.

Then when I moved to Las Vegas, I was able to lose more weight. In fact I weighed about 40 pounds less then I do today. Now how does anyone lose weight in Vegas…easy when you don’t have a steady job to pay for food. Then when I went back to work for Xanterra, I was able to eat more…and I do. Which is why I am 40 pounds heavier then when I left Vegas 7 months ago.

Now all I have is a mini dorm-fridge & a blender, so I have no way to store or cook a bunch of frozen fish. But I can eat good stuff like


Kim brought me home these veggies last week. They are great with hummus.
I also bought the food below at Walmart this week..


I don’t really like just straight almond milk, but when it’s mixed with peanut butter, protein powder and a banana then it’s not bad. Only thing is…I learned last night that I have to hide bananas because otherwise Kim will eat a few while I am at work. Did you noticed the little packages of Chia seeds & hemp seeds? Well those will go into smoothies. I love the effect chia seeds have in smoothies but the hemp seeds are a new item for me to try.

I will be making laughing to myself when I go into work with my hemp seed protein smoothie. You always here about work places having a zero-drug policy or being a drug-free zone and I plan on sipping on my hemp smoothie at work all evening.  The package of hemp says it has 5 grams of protein, 1 gram of carbs, and 10% of the daily value for iron. So I am calling it my new health food.


Buffet Lunch


I went into the Wrangler for their lunch buffet. It’s my first time eating lunch there, as it’s not free for employees like our lunch in the EDR (employee dining room). I had to pay $12.95 to eat here today. But I wanted to see how the food for our paying guests compared to the measly free food that is given to employees.


Well I like this paid lunch better. Now I am really wondering why I can’t even get a decent salad in the EDR. We hardly ever get chopped onions & tomatoes for salad or when we have tacos. I only remember getting guacamole once on a taco in the EDR. Now who ever heard of a taco with no tomatoes, onions or guacamole?

One thing I hear from seasonal workers, when they are considering where to go work is questions/comments about the quality and price of food for employees. Here in Death Valley our breakfast and lunch are free. But our free lunch never looks like the above pictures. Maybe if it did, then they could get more workers to stay.


It started raining before I got back home, so I will spend the rest of my day inside watching a movie. I ate enough for lunch so I don’t mind skipping dinner.