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I’m Going “Home” Next Month

Now usually when you hear anyone say they will be home, you might assume that they will be with their family…people bonded by blood/genetics. Home for some people is the town they grew up in.

I found my home when I was in my 40’s.  I unexpectedly found my niche in a far-away land known as the Grand Canyon National Park. In a way I even created a new family unit with my neighbors and co-workers. I had started moving around to different states so much that when I first traveled to the national park for my new job, I had no idea how long I would be there. I ended up being there for 5 straight years before taking a break and going to Alaska. Those 5 years were the longest that I had stayed anywhere for a very long time.

After my time in Alaska,  I returned to the Grand Canyon twice for short stays. This year the park seems to be my safety net again. This time I will be working for a new  company but I still get to enjoy the peace & quiet remote area of the park, which I love. I will be able to watch sunsets/sunrises without looking over a mob of  heads. One of the most amazing sunsets I have ever witnessed was during a rainstorm in that remote area of the Grand Canyon.


A friend took that picture of me at Desert View, in the late Spring of 2014. I was enjoying the wide open space as far as the eyes could see. We were waiting for that evening’s sunset.


I can’t wait to see all the changes at the Watchtower,  since another company has taken over it. Actually I have seen a couple pics on facebook but that’s not the same as seeing it in person. I took the picture above with my old tablet (that broke) and luckily had saved it on facebook.

There will be no television and no internet at all in this remote section of the park. I’m sure that nobody on their death bed has ever said, “geez I wish I had more time to watch television”. A few of my past co-workers did pay a yearly contract for dial-up internet when I was there in 2014. But my work contract is only until January 1, 2017, unless a spot opens up that allows me to stay longer.  I am hoping a spot opens up because I’m petrified of driving in snow and car-camping in the parking lot during winter would get mighty-cold.


Returned to New Hampshire

I have been back in my childhood “home” state for 3 weeks. When I got here I weighed 178.6.         I was so excited because the first 2 days I was here I lost a bit over 2 pounds..but since then I have gained it back (plus extra). I now weigh 2 pounds more then when I got here.         I am not eating as much as I was when I was in Phoenix. The problem is that I am also not walking as much either. YES, I know all about  “calories in-VS-calories out”.

Part of my problem right now is that I still don’t have my own kitchen. I am staying with family. My brother has a kitchen that could be seen on HGTV and there is no way I am going to mess it up or take a chance of breaking anything. My brother & his wife will be gone for about 3 weeks in July..so I will get to use the kitchen then.

While I love spending time with my Aunt Geri, She loves to get fast food & desserts when we are out running errands together. It’s not that I don’t like the ice cream or the chinese buffets…I just don’t like the added weight or the gassy feeling afterwards.

Today is Sharon’s birthday & yesterday was Matt’s birthday. So today for lunch I did have Sharon’s yummy homemade coleslaw & potato salad & chicken, and then we all had cake and ice cream.