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Life…What’s it for?

After checking the time on my phone a few times during the night, I finally got up to make coffee at 5:30am. Around 9am, I decided to do laundry and make a small salad to eat ( yes I skipped eggs today).

While waiting for the laundry, I sat on my bed trying to figure out what I wanted to do for the next 5 hours before I had to leave for work. I still need to clean off the spare bed in my room and I have a scarf that I need to finish crocheting. But wasn’t in the mood to do either of those. So instead I just laid down to rest until laundry was done.

I don’t really sleep much, but even if I am awake then I have no energy or motivation to do anything productive. Someone needs to wave a magic wand over my head and turn me into the energizer bunny. Otherwise I could literally just lay on my bed all day playing backgammon and canasta on my tablet. When the highlight of a day and the only reason to wake up is to have coffee and play a game with a computer for 5 hours, then it’s time to find a new way to spend my day…or start taking sleeping pills again in the middle of the night just so I only wake up for work.

It’s days like this that I actually miss being homeless in Georgia. I am almost tempted to call the Twins at “The Well” to get the latest gossip from the neighborhood. Even though I spent a lot of time on my phone while I was at The Well, I got to see other people every day. The twins used to drive me crazy sometimes but they still get excited to hear from me and always ask if I am ever going back there. Weird how you can be homeless but have lots of people around to talk to or help in some way if you needed it, I miss walking around Norwich Street and the park by the river…but I am living in a house across the country with nobody to talk to and no place to walk to except work/starbucks and nothing to look forward to except coffee and backgammon.

People always think that if a homeless person gets a job and moves into a house, then they are moving up in the world. Well sure they will have money as long as they keep the job. But isn’t money supposed to be the root of all evil? What good is having money if you just turn into a hermit hiding in 1 bedroom all by yourself (except when you are working to make more money). What good is money if you have no way or no time to enjoy it. If having money equals happiness, then does that mean only rich people are Happy? Hmm, some rich celebrities don’t always seem so happy on the covers of all those trash papers that you can find by the check out lines in Walmart or some news site on the Internet. So if money doesn’t guarantee happiness, then what the hell does? I have money now, but looked forward to most days more when I was living in my broken-down car in Georgia.

Well I have wasted enough time today (Sunday) I need to get dressed for work. I get out of work tonight at 10pm and have to be back at 8:30 tomorrow morning. Won’t get much sleep tonight. But I like Monday mornings, cuz the store is always busy with deliveries. Actually I would not mind if they had me work from open-to- close. If I am awake anyways, then I might as well be at work doing something productive.


Manna House

This is a place that serves lunch everyday to the homeless and any low-income people in the downtown area of Brunswick. I have driven by the place many times but today was the first time I ever ate lunch there. It might not look like much but its more then what I usually eat for lunch. We got a turkey & ham sandwich to take with us when we left. Course we got the traditional Southern drink..sweet tea.

The blonde lady is a volunteer named Robin, she has worked the lunch crowd for the last year. She came to Georgia from Northern Kentucky. The 2 guys I see often at “The Well”, which is just a short walk away from the Manna House.

I found other Manna House’s around the state of Georgia. Not sure if the others only serve lunch. Usually the homeless crowd that I know here go to the Salvation Army for dinner at 5:30. I have not eaten there.

Right now, I am parked near the Goodwill thrift store. I need to organize the back of my car and donate some of my clothes to them. The clutter is driving me insane.

Eating at a Truck Stop


Sitting outside of the Pilot, so I can charge my phone before I go into work in a few hours.

This truck stop also has a Denny’s restaurant but for now I need to save money to put gas in the car. I did splurge and buy 2 bananas for .99, to go with my coffee. I also have crackers with peanut butter in the car. Coffee in the Pilot is only $1.69 but coffee inside Denny’s is a few bucks. Good thing I don’t mind truck stop coffee in a paper cup.

After I start getting regular paychecks then I can start buying pre-made salads to take into work. Yes pre-made salads cost more money than if you were able to make your own but remember I am living in my car without a refrigerator. Hopefully soon I can stock up on granola bars, oranges, and more bagels.

Have you ever looked around a store in a truck stop? They have everything a driver would need for long trips, even cooking gadgets. A mini coffee maker and small Crock-Pots that plug into the cigarette lighter. But not sure how it effects the battery or gas situation. I have it on my list of things to check out later.

Ok, it’s only 5:30am now and still a bit chilly outside. I am going back inside my car for a bit. Course by time I get to work at 10am, it will be warm and won’t need my coat anymore.

Forced Into Minimalism, and Thriving

I had gone down to Manchester, NH; to see about getting a live-in caregiver job. While I was there we all came to the realization that it was not going to work out. I also was notified that I wasn’t allowed back to my brother’s home.

So the only belongings that I had with me was 3 pair of pants, 2 t-shirts, 2 long sleeve shirts, 1 hoodie, 1 beachtowel, 1 pair of purple slippers, 1 pair of white shoes, 1 coat(that isn’t in the picture), 1 pair of purple gloves and 1 hat, and 1 set of PJ’s and luckily I had my wallet & my tablet in my purse.  When i went to Walmart to buy some yogurt I also bought a pair of purple jeans.   It all fit in 1 travel bag. 

I found the camera battery charger in a pocket of the bag, but unfortunately the digital camera got left behind at my brothers house. I also left my birth certificate and a bunch of other paperwork that I will be wanting later.  Well with everything I own now in 1 bag, it definitely makes traveling a whole lot easier.


Yesterday, I got an email stating I got a new job in AZ. Wow, talk about perfect timing. A job with a cheap apartment for $25/week rent. It’s in a very isolated location….poor almost nonexistent internet service, 26 miles away from the post office, library and anything else. But right now the housing is the most important thing.

Later I will have to buy black shoes & black poants for work, after I get to AZ. But I can handle living with 4 pants & 4 shirts for my free-time wardrobe. It’s less to carry around, less for the laundry, and less to store in a closet. Oh hell, all my clothes now fit in 1 bag so I don’t even need a closet.