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So Undecided


I keep wondering if I would be alright with staying in South Dakota all Winter. There is a rooming house in Rapid City for $300 a month. There is also a nursing home company with jobs & CNA training. Rapid City also has 2 Walmarts, so if I couldn’t get into any Healthcare job then maybe I could work at Walmart again. So many “what ifs”, “maybes” & “should I try'”. What if I stay and fail again, like most every time I leave the security of the national park jobs?

I did apply for work in Death Valley, Glacier Park & the little community outside of Grand Canyon. I was also thinking of checking out Big Bend and a place in Utah for Winter work. Yesterday at work, I got a little tourist book about Yellowstone. It’s a location that some coworkers  go for jobs but I have never been. They would all be secure but their rules about housing and meals would also be annoying.

One thing about staying in South Dakota for the Winter, is that “IF” I could get a job here then it would be easier to save money for another car. I found a lot of cars online around here that are quite a bit cheaper to buy. Then it would be easy to visit all the cool places in this part of the country. Yeah I never knew this area had so much stuff to see before I started working here in June. Makes me wonder why this state is not more popular.

So do I stay or do I go? I just don’t know. 4 more paychecks until this Summer season is over…and then what???


Seasonal Workers

I guess I would say that it takes a special kind of person to adjust to living a seasonal work life. Most of the people I know (in real life or on sites like coolworks) move around to different locations 2-3 times a year. That can be great if there are alot of locations that you want to visit or if you don’t like snow. You find a job up North in the Summer then a different job down South during the Winter…unless you like to ski, then maybe you would want a Winter job up North. Changing jobs is not the hardest part of being a seasonal worker. Actually that can be fun, because you can be a cook for 1 season then work in a gift shop durng the next season and maybe be a ski instructor or work on a golf course during another season. You don’t have to worry about getting stuck in a rut for very long. You also get new co-workers every season too. So if you don’t click with someone, you can just count the days till you can move away from them.

The hardest part is “living” in employee housing. Actually at the moment, I don’t have much of a problem with it..(maybe I am used to it and just going with the flow for now) but my roomie is having a hard time adjusting to the sporadic wifi & phone service here. She wants to be able to keep in contact with her family at ALL times, and there are times when that ain’t possible. I only have a cheap tracfone that uses minutes for every text & call, so I hardly use it anyways.  Nobody here can watch youtube without interruptions & buffering either. That is also annoying for me, but I guess I can live a Summer without youtube. This is my roomie’s first season in this type of job, and I really doubt if she will last until the end of September when our season ends. As far as I know she has not heard back from her job interview in Rapid City.

One of my ex-coworkers from Grand Canyon, is now working at a resort in Idaho. I found a cook job available there now. It’s open all year long so I will check back with them later to see what’s open during the Winter. Anyways, he says the wifi works great there. According to that location, the housing is alot cheaper too. Ooh the list of places to check on for Winter jobs is getting long but it’s to early for places to know what they will need then, so I need to just learn to be patient and wait a couple months. Hmmmm, do I want to spend the Winter in a new snowy place with cheap, cheap rent or go to a warmer place with no snow (could only stay till the end of March because of the heat)…and no darn public transportation, or another unknown place. Ooh just thinking of all this can drive even me nuts.

Well I should just stop thinking and go to bed. Luckily my friend Cindy brought me 2 old pillows earlier this evening, so maybe with the 2 old pillows I already had I might be comfortable. I hope so because I am tired of waking up with a sore neck, shoulder & backache. The office people here really needs to invest in new pillows. I miss the pillows I had in Vegas, but with the luggage size restrictions on a plane I couldn’t bring them and I couldn’t afford to mail them.

Meals today were nothing to brag about. I was really disappointed at tonight’s dinner. I was looking forward to stuffed peppers all day until I started eating one. There was no flavor..way to bland, and the pepper was a bit over cooked. My roomie had swedish meatballs over bow-tie pasta but she said the pasta had to much butter..the butter was dripping all over her plate.

My Fabulous Five

Now I have been reading a blog from a lady living in Arizona for a couple years now, and quite often she posts different lists titled her “Fab 5”.  Seeing as I can’t think of anything else to post today, I figured I might as well try to come up with my own list of “Fab 5’s”

  • 5 (non-food) things I want to buy: Kindle (never replaced my broken one), camera battery charger (left my in AZ), more time on my cell phone, new laptop, memory sticks to hold more pics
  • Last 5 movies I watched: Fargo, Hansel & Gretel, My Cousin Vinny, True Girt..(the new one), Damn I can’t think of a 5th one
  • 5 things I wish I had a college degree in: Photography, Nutrition, Computer Programming, Nursing, Web Design
  • 5 places I still want to visit: Alaska (yes I have been before, but I want to see more), Coast of GA (hope to visit in October with my aunt), Hawaii, Canada, Australia (need to add PASSPORT on my list of things to buy)
  • 5 things I miss from Arizona: public transportation, variety of grocery stores, funky little coffee shops, pretty flowers/plants everywhere, unique artwork everywhere

Well that’s about it for now. I need to clean up my room a bit before I go stay at my Auntie G’s tonight. She will help me with some of the paperwork I got from the “NH Housing Authority”. Still hoping to get into my own place by the end of the year.