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Spring Cleaning: Clothes Inventory

After coming home from McDonald’s on Wednesday, I decided to do my laundry. I wanted to go through all my clothes to see exactly what I had and what I hardly wear. I wanted to see if there were anymore clothes that I could get rid of. A couple weeks ago I took a small bag of clothes and left them at the laundromat in the campground near my home. It seems like a lot of campers don’t pack enough clothes for a camping adventure here.

Now the picture above^ is my clothes laid out on the spare bed in my room. Seeing as the new roomie still hasn’t shown up, I can use the bed as my table for folding laundry or just throwing my jacket onto when I am to lazy to hang it up right away, or in this case….for spreading clothes out on for a picture.

4 long sleeve shirts and 5 short sleeve shirts…another long sleeve top isn’t in the picture because I was wearing it. All of my shirts was given to me for free or I got them for a cheap price at thrift shops. When I am cold, I wear one of the long sleeve shirts under my work shirt. But not counting “work clothes”, 10 shirts is actually more than enough for me, and more then enough to keep in 1 dresser drawer. I can’t comprehend why anyone would think they need a different shirt for every day of the month. That’s just extra unnecessary laundry to do. Maybe some people get a strange thrill out of doing laundry.

The 3 pair of leggings I bought from Amazon…the wild looking purple designed pair are getting loose now, but I like them so I will save them for a couple more months. Even though I am on a diet hopefully I won’t have to get smaller clothes until Fall. The leggings get kept in my 2nd dresser drawer along with my socks, underwear, hats, gloves, and pajama pants that seemed to get cut off in above picture. I am also wearing a pair of gray sweatpants (or jogging pants…whatever you prefer to call them). It was windy and snowing, so I had to wear cold-weather clothes today.

With 1 or 2 days off work every week, I can usually do laundry at least once a week. If I do laundry at least once every 7 days, then I see no reason to own more then 10 shirts, especially when I can wear the same shirt all weekend. While walking home yesterday I stopped into the trading post…just to see what they had. In case a customer came into the store looking for an item that wasn’t in there, I would know where to send them to find it elsewhere. While I was there, I found a couple shirts that I liked. I didn’t buy any, because I knew that I had enough. I also knew that I didn’t want to start cramming clothes into drawers and making it impossible to see what was in the drawer.

If you are thinking…”but isn’t that the American dream?” Doesn’t everyone want to walk into a store or gift shop and just buy whatever they like? While I am glad that I can afford to buy whatever I really need, I don’t have enough space to spread things out so buying whatever I want seems rather dumb. Why waste money on something that will get crammed into the bottom of a drawer or stored into a box under my bed. I might as well just stuff my paycheck in a Box under the bed.

Usually if I am going to spend money, it will be on e-books or food. Ebooks get downloaded onto the tablet that I already own so I don’t have to make space in my room for them. Yes, I still have some books in my closet and as soon as I read them all then they will get dropped off in the laundromat. Right now, I am reading a novel called “The Independence Club”, written by: Rachel Ann Nunes.


Nomad: Tent Living

Employee Tent Housing~After


Someone grabbed my attention to nomadic/ tent living pictures on pinterest earlier this week, so just wanted to share my own pictures here. 

The top picture of the orange Coleman tent, was from when I went camping on May 14th-May16th. The first night I was so cold, I went to sleep while wearing my coat hat & gloves and woke up to find the tent completely covered in frost.

First time I ever bought my own tent and first time I ever tried to set 1 up by myself. I ended up getting help with this tent. They are not as easy as the instructions make them look. I gave the tent away when I came to stay at Gwin’s Lodge. I figured I couldn’t store it anywhere (seeing as I couldn’t even fit  it back into the store-bought box that it came in. and I didn’t plan on trying to use it again. 


The before & after pictures of the employee tents are here at Gwin’s resort. I think only 2 guys have just started using them this week. But I actually think they are pretty cool.  There is electric outlets inside for anything I would need to plug something in and there is a lightbulb in the middle of the tent…but I still got my indoor/outdoor lantern so light would not be a problem.  Actually I might give the lantern to Drew when I leave, seeing as he is always going off hiking & camping all over the area. Now these employee tents would be especially cool if you didn’t have to share the tent space with anyone.

 I think from now on, I will stick to camping in places that are warm & dry  enough so I don’t need to carry my own tent, or I’ll go to places that have employee tents or cabins or just any ol’ space available. But I like the idea of just keeping enough stuff with me so that I can pick-up & go whenever the mood suits me. 

Actually I told Charlotte (the general manager) last night that I was leaving on Monday, July 2nd.