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Trying to Organize



Here is part of my closet, sorry the whole thing does not show up in 1 picture; but this is most of the clothes that I have worn for the last few weeks. I have 3 hoodies in the car, so they are not in the picture. I don’t have a dresser and for now I’m in no hurry to get 1. Hey if all your clothes fit into 1 closet then why would I need to spend money on a piece of furniture that would take up space in a bedroom and to much space in a car if for any reason I needed to move again. They might be hard to see in this picture but I only own 3 pair of pants (2tan/khaki & 1 brown), 1 pair of blue capris are folded on top of my black & green shorts. If I actually end up staying here during the Winter then I will need to buy boots & a warm coat.

Course this doesn’t mean that the rest of my room is clutter free. I WISH!! So even though I don’t collect alot of clothes, I do collect to much paper clutter. I have maps, newspapers, brochures, recipts, magazines, books, cards, bills (and other mail), work stuff, and menus for different places. It’s the paper clutter that always drives me crazy.

You know you have to much “paper” clutter, when all the paper takes up more room in your car then your clothes do. I’m not exactly sure but I might have a few clothes left in the trunk of the car. I know for sure that I still have to much “paper” thrown all over the back seat.

Well it’s time for a break from this clutter. I need more coffee and some of yesterday’s applesauce bread. Ok, so I only want coffee and really need to throw out some trash. Less trash = less stuff to lose track of = more peace in my head. Peace is always a good thing.



Packing for the next adventure

Yesterday was my last day of work. We were very busy, which was unexpected. So when I got home I rested and did not pack anything. I also got a late start today. You see I hate packing, so i keep trying to put it off. Yes I could win an award in any procrastination contest.

My electronics are not the problem, because the laptop, tablet & portable DVD player all fit in my purse with my wallet, hairbrush, glucose machine, cell phone and sudoku puzzle book. Don’t worry K.M. my camera goes around my neck on every flight. If i can wear it then it doesn’t count as  extra carry-on luggage.

I don’t take “checked” luggage, anymore as I hate running around airports looking for baggage claim areas. On my flight the purse full of electronics is my 1 personal item, then I get 1 carry-on bag. I bought my carry-on luggage before I went to Alaska in 2012, and have used it on quite a few different airlines with no hassle about the size. I just make sure not to cram it so full as that also crosses around my neck as I walk through airports. Believe me, by the time I get to my seat on the plane I have a sore neck. But at least I don’t lose any luggage. I will pay an extra $14 to make sure I get a window seat with extra leg room but I don’t  pay for luggage…crazy I know.

I have 1 box that my old roommate will mail to me next weekend, with everything else that I  will be bringing to Death Valley. The box is bigger then the box I mailed to myself at Mt Rushmore in June, but somehow I collected to much stuff while I was here so I am leaving quite a bit downstairs on the free table. I will have about 19 hours in Vegas, so that’s time enough to go shopping for new work clothes. It would be easier if every park had the same color uniforms, instead of having to go buy something special for each new job at each new  location. No wait, it would be easier if companies that “required” a certain color uniform would be required to supply the whole uniform. At Mt Rushmore I wore black pants but at Death Valley I need khaki. At Mt Rushmore it didn’t matter what color your shoes were but I need all-black shoes to work in Death Valley.  I think I will just have to order most of the stuff I want online and have it shipped to me after I get there. Furnace Creek Ranch is over 2 hours away from Vegas so I won’t be back to the city for a long time.

Well I really need to go wash the companies bedding, and grab the vaccum. Time is ticking away and as usual I have been sitting around playing to many facebook games…well mainly “words with friends”.

Moving Day

Technically I leave tomorrow but it’s in less then 24 hours, so it’s close enough to call it moving day.

I finally took the small box to the post office today to mail out. It cost about $18.50 for the box and $3.50 for the tape to secure the box. The post office won’t just let you use their tape for free instead they make you buy a whole roll.

Anyways after unpacking & re-packing the box a few times, I finally sent it with my sheets, 2 bath towels, washcloths, PJ’s, hats, small camera, a Grand Canyon bag and maybe some tiny odds & end misc stuff.  I should receive it by Thursday.

I got a call from a friend that’s already working @ Mt. Rushmore and she told me that the employee shuttle is doing a special run up to Rapid City to pick me up at the airport. They will be bringing other employees also and will take us all for a quick trip to Walmart. So I can buy stuff that I won’t be bringing with me on the plane…like shampoo,noxema, mouthwash, instant coffee, and whatever else I can think of later.

I still need to finalize what I am bringing in my carry-on luggage. I keep changing my mind. The list of items are actually shrinking. I don’t want to carry a heavy bag through the airport and I don’t want to worry about the bag not fitting into their size requirements. I keep telling myself that as long as I only bring what’s required then I will be fine.

Minimalist Packing List

You would think as many times as I have moved around that packing would be easy to do. Well maybe someday if I learn to stop shopping, when I get to a spot,  then packing might become a piece-of-cake. Hopefully I can get all this stuff packed so it fits and I don’t have any hassle at the airport. For some reason I feel I have to many clothes. LOL

Mostly I hate carrying a bunch of heavy bags, so I will only have 1 big purse & 1 carry-on. I do plan on mailing a small box on ahead though. The airline charged $16 for the carry-on luggage.

So far this is what I got:

Small box to mail: sheets, 2 bath towels & 2 washcloths, belt, hiking boots, safety shoes for work, hoodie, Pj’s, small camera, and need to see if my small pillow will fit..if not I will leave pillow for my roomie.

Purse: Laptop  & cords, wallet with my cards &  I.D. stuff, sudoku puzzle book, cell phone & charger, lip balm & gum (can’t fly without it)

Carry-on luggage:  vitamins, tums, noxema, hairbrush, hairclips & bandana, nail clippers, hat, 3 pair of pants, 1 pair of long shorts, 2 t-shirts, 1 tank top, 3 long sleeve shirts, 1 long sleeve button down blouse, socks, panties, headlamp, Big envelope with paperwork, & stuff for my big digital camera (camera will be around my neck when I board the plane), and need to see if my travel mug will fit.

I have been trying to call the HR dept this morning to see what I actually “need” to bring. If I don’t need something then I can live without it and don’t want to take up space in my luggage. I am getting excited about getting into the swing of this seasonal work again. Just have to keep telling myself that I will be moving every 3-6 months so I need to keep my list of belongings short enough so it all fits in 1 bag.

I know lots of people who would go crazy living with my tiny list of belongings. But I go crazy trying to pack & move with all their stuff too. Just thinking of packing up a normal size closet would give me an anxiety attack and take me a month to finish packing.