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Good Morning

I am up again earlier then any sane person should be. 3am and I have my coffee and instant oatmeal…I mixed a blueberry &  banana flavored packages together. I also have a banana  that I bought yesterday, after work. I can see the shadows of the palm trees outside blowing in the wind, so I know I will need to dress warmer for work today. This will be day #7, working an 8-day stretch.

Now what does a person do when they wake up 3 hours before they have to leave for work? Well obviously they type out a new blog post, while drinking a couple cups of coffee. I will jump in the shower around 4am, and will linger enough to apply moisturizer because dry skin has been driving me crazy lately. I even remembered to take my vitamins/supplements this morning. Need to make that a priority again because waking up in the middle of the night with leg cramps (Charlie horses) for 20-30 minutes is no fun at all.


The above picture was yesterday’s breakfast during my break at work. When I start work at 6:30, I get a break around 7:45am for breakfast. I love the fact that we can have fruit offered everyday. Sometimes there is cantaloupe but not yesterday. I am just hoping that Yellowstone also offers so much fruit everyday for its  employees.

So yes, I will get 2 breakfasts, the one I ate at 3am & another one about 4.5 hours later. I have been trying to be good and skip the blueberry muffins and french toast.


Good Morning


I woke up about 4:30am, and made my first cup of coffee around 5:10 today. When I first arrived here my roommate offered me some packets of Truvia. I used 1/2 a packet . Sorry I would rather have black coffee. She tried to get me to use her vanilla creamer too. Funny how people always think I am missing something in my coffee cup. Sometimes I do like putting a bit of Swiss Miss hot chocolate in my coffee though. Just something I learned from an elderly lady in a nursing home I worked in years ago.

Well today is Tuesday, it’s usually our busiest day at the gift shop because that’s when most of the tour buses come in. I worked in the gallery for the last 2 days…which is alot slower paced. The area we call the “bull pen” was crazy yesterday. Hopefully I am not there today. I am hoping to be back in the gallery or over with the Black Hills gold jewelry. Or maybe they will give me a break from cashiering and just have me stock shelves all day.

I will catch the 7:35 shuttle, so I can go eat breakfast before work. There is not many options for breakfast here, but it’s food If I go upstairs to the guests cafe then I can grab hot chocolate otherwise if I just go to the employee’s dining area, I will only get watered-down coffee.. Then I get a 15 minute break around 10:15-10:30 for more coffee & toast with peanut butter. I usually grab lunch around 12:30-1:00 (mostly salad, fruit & dessert) and I get my last break about 3:15-3:30pm. If I am on a cash register then I will be relieved at 4:30, so that I can go downstairs to count out my drawer.

Most of the time I skip dinner, and just catch the 5:05pm shuttle back to the dorm. Even though I don’t eat dinner I still have to pay for it. Which drives me frigging nuts. It would be like Safeway sending you a grocery bill whether you went shopping or not. I can not get used to paying for anything I don’t use.

Good Morning


Picture taken at 7:30am, after I decided to type this up. I have been up for a couple hours but I am still wearing my pj’s. Finally heard someone else moving around in the house about 7:40…must be my sister-in-law.

Anyway I have already had 2 cups of coffee, a blueberry bagel and a banana. I will probably go get a 3rd cup  of coffee soon and grab my blueberry Greek yogurt. Actually I should go jump in the shower soon. Yes today’s picture was taken before I washed my hair.

Today is Sunday. Nothing special planned for today. Probably just a quiet & boring day at home. Might be a good day to organize my paperwork for all my up-coming Dr. visits and the welfare office and the Social Security office.