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When Deciding to Relocate

If you ever decide to move to a new state, you will probably want to get a new driver’s license. If you decide to buy a car after you move, then the new license might be required. At the moment my license is from GA. I am actually living in AZ but doing so without a car, so I never bothered to update it.

In a couple weeks, I am supposed to start a new job in Maine. I will need a car to travel around my new town and also a place to store any luggage while I am at work. Well I will need a Maine license in order to register and get a car inspected. Well that all takes time and time is something that I won’t have. In order for this move to really work, I need everything all in 1 day.

Without a car, it will mean that I would have to drag my suitcase all over town and into work. Now what boss wants an employee dragging their suitcase into the office everyday?

Seeing as my license is from GA, it would actually make more sense to go to GA…at least long enough to buy a car anyways. Then everything could get done all in one day, and I wouldn’t have to worry about where to sleep.

Right now, the idea of just dragging my suitcase and carrying my camera bag to the airport in Phoenix is more then I even want to deal with. I am soooo tempted to just take my small backpack (the size an elementary kid carries to school). It would be a whole lot easier to travel, while I look for a car. I could just replace everything later…including the big digital camera. I haven’t even used it much for almost 2 years.

By carrying only the backpack, I wouldn’t need to check luggage in at the airport. Course it would also mean that I would not be taking all the black pants that I will need for the next job. They would definitely need to be replaced. I always jokingly tell people that as long as I have my phone, tablet, and debit card then that’s all I need to travel and I am so tempted to do it now. I already threw 3 shopping bags into the dumpster today. I have plans to give the crockpot, blender and mini fridge away to a friend when I leave. I will leave all my bedding and pillows in the campground laundromat the day I walk away from here.

Maybe when this trip is finished, I can make my own meme for facebook about packing up, walking away with nothing and traveling around.


Preparing For Another Trip to New England

Recently my daughter sent me a message saying that my granddaughter would be graduating from high school on June 4th. Before I received that message I had just assumed that Brianna wouldn’t be graduating until 2019, so I thought I still had plenty of time to arrange my trip. Now I had 3 weeks to figure out how to get back to Northern New Hampshire, if I wanted to watch her receive her diploma.

It will take me longer than a normal weekend just to arrange for the trip there…nevermind a return trip. We are short-staffed at work, so I am assuming that it would be impossible to ask for a whole week off. So I ain’t asking for time off, I will just tell my boss that I am leaving. My last day of work will be May 31st. Yes that won’t help the staffing situation at work…but sometimes you just have to say “Oh f♡<k it!” and do what you want and not worry about what someone else wants.

I have missed so many family events…weddings, birthdays, family reunion, holidays, funerals, and I have never even met most of my 13 grandkids. I don’t even know when half their birthdays are. I missed most events because I was working in different states, mostly on the other side of the country.

Brianna is my oldest granddaughter and I have no idea who she is as a person. I know that she recently started a job but have no idea what the job is or if she even likes it. I don’t know if she will stay at this job or go on to college somewhere. I have no idea what her interests are, so I don’t know what she would even study in college if she ever decided to go. I’m not sure if she will stay in New England or decide to move to AZ, to be closer to her dad’s family. Geez, don’t grandparents usually have a clue on all that stuff? Well I guess this is one grandmother that really is just a name on the family tree and nothing more.

Well seeing as I have now bought my plane ticket from Phoenix to Boston, and got a hotel room in Northern New Hampshire for 2 or 3 nights it’s time to get packing. I have 1 small suitcase for my checked luggage. So small that my winter coat doesn’t even fit in it. I will just have to leave all winter clothes behind, and worry about them in another 6 months. Oh hell, I don’t even know where I will be in 6 months. Oh hell, I ain’t figured out yet what I will be doing after I attend this graduation.

Just when I start thinking it’s safe to relax and settle in at my present location, life throws a curveball at me. I should be used to it by now.

Packing for the next adventure

Yesterday was my last day of work. We were very busy, which was unexpected. So when I got home I rested and did not pack anything. I also got a late start today. You see I hate packing, so i keep trying to put it off. Yes I could win an award in any procrastination contest.

My electronics are not the problem, because the laptop, tablet & portable DVD player all fit in my purse with my wallet, hairbrush, glucose machine, cell phone and sudoku puzzle book. Don’t worry K.M. my camera goes around my neck on every flight. If i can wear it then it doesn’t count as  extra carry-on luggage.

I don’t take “checked” luggage, anymore as I hate running around airports looking for baggage claim areas. On my flight the purse full of electronics is my 1 personal item, then I get 1 carry-on bag. I bought my carry-on luggage before I went to Alaska in 2012, and have used it on quite a few different airlines with no hassle about the size. I just make sure not to cram it so full as that also crosses around my neck as I walk through airports. Believe me, by the time I get to my seat on the plane I have a sore neck. But at least I don’t lose any luggage. I will pay an extra $14 to make sure I get a window seat with extra leg room but I don’t  pay for luggage…crazy I know.

I have 1 box that my old roommate will mail to me next weekend, with everything else that I  will be bringing to Death Valley. The box is bigger then the box I mailed to myself at Mt Rushmore in June, but somehow I collected to much stuff while I was here so I am leaving quite a bit downstairs on the free table. I will have about 19 hours in Vegas, so that’s time enough to go shopping for new work clothes. It would be easier if every park had the same color uniforms, instead of having to go buy something special for each new job at each new  location. No wait, it would be easier if companies that “required” a certain color uniform would be required to supply the whole uniform. At Mt Rushmore I wore black pants but at Death Valley I need khaki. At Mt Rushmore it didn’t matter what color your shoes were but I need all-black shoes to work in Death Valley.  I think I will just have to order most of the stuff I want online and have it shipped to me after I get there. Furnace Creek Ranch is over 2 hours away from Vegas so I won’t be back to the city for a long time.

Well I really need to go wash the companies bedding, and grab the vaccum. Time is ticking away and as usual I have been sitting around playing to many facebook games…well mainly “words with friends”.

Moving Day

Technically I leave tomorrow but it’s in less then 24 hours, so it’s close enough to call it moving day.

I finally took the small box to the post office today to mail out. It cost about $18.50 for the box and $3.50 for the tape to secure the box. The post office won’t just let you use their tape for free instead they make you buy a whole roll.

Anyways after unpacking & re-packing the box a few times, I finally sent it with my sheets, 2 bath towels, washcloths, PJ’s, hats, small camera, a Grand Canyon bag and maybe some tiny odds & end misc stuff.  I should receive it by Thursday.

I got a call from a friend that’s already working @ Mt. Rushmore and she told me that the employee shuttle is doing a special run up to Rapid City to pick me up at the airport. They will be bringing other employees also and will take us all for a quick trip to Walmart. So I can buy stuff that I won’t be bringing with me on the plane…like shampoo,noxema, mouthwash, instant coffee, and whatever else I can think of later.

I still need to finalize what I am bringing in my carry-on luggage. I keep changing my mind. The list of items are actually shrinking. I don’t want to carry a heavy bag through the airport and I don’t want to worry about the bag not fitting into their size requirements. I keep telling myself that as long as I only bring what’s required then I will be fine.

Packing to Move


I love seeing new locations, I love the idea of a new job…learning something new, love meeting new people, but I absolutely H-A-T-E packing.

When I arrived in Vegas, I  had a car crammed full of stuff. There was no room for a 2nd person in my car and I had a hard time seeing out the back window because of all my stuff. Now to pack up and leave with just a small carry-on bag and a small box to mail out means most of my stuff will be given to my roomie or thrown in the trash.

I already know basically what I am taking with me, so why is this task so hard. I go through this almost everytime I move. Packing up literally makes me paralyzed. Hell if I was watching anyone else go through this, I could easily walk into the room with huge trash bags and order them around like a military drill sergeant until everything was packed. I know I could because I have actually done that years ago. But now I have been sitting here for the last 5 days doing nothing…the sofa is cluttered with my stuff, I have more stuff out on the patio.  Oooh I get to scream at myself in my imagination telling myself what I “should be doing” but I just can’t seem to get off my lazy ass and actually do it. The rare times I don’t get mentally paralyzed from packing/moving…is when I own almost nothing to really pack.

Solution: stop shopping!!! I just have to learn not to buy anything. Except food & bathroom supplies because neither of those will stick around very long. But I need to stop buying clothes, books, & stupid little trinkets. Hopefully I remember this after I get to Mt.Rushmore. The only thing I really need to buy this Summer is a battery & memory card for my Big camera.

I know the minute I am done packing and heading to the airport…I will feel better,  relaxed. I leave a week from today, so I guess I just need o get through 7 days of stress.