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Breakfast and another schedule change

I had 2 cups of coffee and opened a bag of pork rinds, before walking up to the post office. I didn’t get the package that I was expecting from Amazon. I got a message from Amazon saying that the package needs my signature, so I really hope that UPS driver doesn’t come by until I am at work today.

I traded my morning shift with one of the kids from Ecuador. She got a 2nd job at the local Mexican restaurant to work nights, so she needs to work the morning shift in our store. It will only be on Friday-Sunday, so I will keep my morning shifts on Monday and Thursday. The kid will only be here another month, and after that the boss said he will give me back all my morning shifts. I like going in for morning shifts better.

While I was in the store checking the mail, I did a little grocery shopping and bought another carton of eggs, a package of salad greens, cherry tomatoes, and more pork rinds. I don’t know what eggs cost in your store but in my store they are $3.19 for a dozen. We don’t have a variety of sizes either..it’s all 1 price for eggs. Yes I think $3.19 is expensive but I bought them anyways because I like eggs for breakfast. I did good…I skipped Starbucks today. I had their steak and egg wrap for breakfast couple days ago.

Anyways after walking back home, I made another cup of coffee and put 1/4 scoop of chocolate whey protein powder into it. I cooked 2 eggs in the microwave and also had some broccoli with cheese sauce. It’s about 11:30am now and I don’t have to be at work until 3pm. I doubt that I will be hungry by the time I leave for work.

It was cold and windy all last night. I had to dig the portable heater out of my closet to keep my room warm. One of the housemates turned the main heater for the house off. So it’s cold in the rest of the house when I got up this morning. I think our high temps for today will be around 40 degrees. So I know that by the time I get out of work tonight at 10pm, that I will want to grab a cup of tea.

For now my schedule looks like this:

Monday 8:30-4

Tuesday: off

Wednesday: off

Thursday 8:30-4

Friday 3-10

Saturday 3-10

Sunday 3-10


Good Morning

I am up again earlier then any sane person should be. 3am and I have my coffee and instant oatmeal…I mixed a blueberry &  banana flavored packages together. I also have a banana  that I bought yesterday, after work. I can see the shadows of the palm trees outside blowing in the wind, so I know I will need to dress warmer for work today. This will be day #7, working an 8-day stretch.

Now what does a person do when they wake up 3 hours before they have to leave for work? Well obviously they type out a new blog post, while drinking a couple cups of coffee. I will jump in the shower around 4am, and will linger enough to apply moisturizer because dry skin has been driving me crazy lately. I even remembered to take my vitamins/supplements this morning. Need to make that a priority again because waking up in the middle of the night with leg cramps (Charlie horses) for 20-30 minutes is no fun at all.


The above picture was yesterday’s breakfast during my break at work. When I start work at 6:30, I get a break around 7:45am for breakfast. I love the fact that we can have fruit offered everyday. Sometimes there is cantaloupe but not yesterday. I am just hoping that Yellowstone also offers so much fruit everyday for its  employees.

So yes, I will get 2 breakfasts, the one I ate at 3am & another one about 4.5 hours later. I have been trying to be good and skip the blueberry muffins and french toast.

The Hitch-hiker

I have a strange work schedule this week. Today I had to work the mid shift from 11am-8pm. While I was waiting for the shuttle to take me to work, I noticed a roadrunner jump up on a car sitting in the parking lot.


I had my new phone in my jacket pocket, so I turned on the phone camera and walked closer to the car to see if I could get some pictures. I think I made the poor bird nervous but I got some cool shots.


Just pure luck to get a shot like that. I started making jokes that the bird had magnets stuck on the bottom of its feet, in order to hang onto the car like that.
After getting about a dozen pics of the bird, I realized the shuttle was late. Then I remembered that the shuttle drivers go on a lunch break at 10:45. Yikes..that meant I would be late for work. I quickly contacted my boss to let them know the situation and she sent a co-worker up to the dorm to pick me up…I ended up clocking in 12 minutes late. I have the mid-shift again next Tuesday, so I will need to remember to catch the 10:15 shuttle so I won’t be late.


A neighbor  (who has lived here about 30 years) took this close up shot of the male roadrunner. How do I know it’s male…that bright orange & blue stripe on the side of its head. That and the fact that the female is still pregnant and to fat to get up to the 2nd story window where this was taken. Well actually from the info that I found online… the female can lay 3-5 eggs at a time and both male & female sit on the nest till the babies hatch. So then why is our female so fat???

About a week ago Kim & I got pictures of coyotes, then today I see the roadrunner. I would love to get both in 1 picture. Kim says I need to spend more time at the golf course where she works as she says I will have a better chance to get that picture.  Well I have Saturday, Monday & Wednesday  off so maybe I will spend 1 of those days on the golf course.

Hello 2016


When I got home early (sometime around 1am) this morning after the New Year’s Eve party, I found this sign hanging up in the hallway of my dorm. Had no idea who put it up but thought it was a cute, fun idea.


Found out later this morning that Kim & Katie did it together last night while I was at work. Then everyone in our dorm wrote something on it. Funny how I didn’t even recognize Katie’s markers hanging on the sign  (musta been more drunk then I thought).

Now I gave up on making resolutions a long time ago. I am not very good at making long term commitments like that. In fact most people that I know will give up or break their resolution by the time February comes. So why set yourself up for such failure. But to join in with everyone else in the dorm I did write “Do something new & unexpected”. With my lifestyle, doing something new & unexpected should not be very hard to do.

Well I am glad that I got today off from work because after last nights party, there was no way that I could of made it into work. In fact I never made it down for breakfast today. My work schedule is different this week.

Thur: night shift
Friday: off
Sat: morning shift
Sun: morning shift
Monday: night shift
Tues: off
Wed: off ( payday)


Rainy Days

I snagged some of my roomie’s pictures that she posted on facebook, of the last rain storm. These were all taken near the Inn, which is down the driveway from our dorm.




The weather forecast is predicting more rain Wednesday evening and maybe Thursday. I have Wednesday off, so I will get to enjoy all the amazing clouds that accompany the storms. But Thursday I have to work a morning shift…it will be interesting to see if I can get to work on time. I am glad it’s my only morning shift all week.

I never imagined a place like Death Valley got rain like this. I can’t wait to see what the flowers will look like in the Springtime. Even from the last rain, it helped turn some little sage brush along the road greener. Even the little birds seem to enjoy it. Every evening during my dinner break, I walk over to the cooks break area and there is always a few small birds walking through a puddle and dipping the side of their head in the water.


Working a Closing Shift


If it wasn’t so darn hot during the daytime, then it would be quite relaxing to sit outside in front of my general store.
Yesterday was my first closing shift at work, and about 11:00pm when I left work, it was 86 degrees outside.

I clock into work at 1:30, have my first 1/2hour break at 3:00pm and my 1/2 hour dinner break at 6:30pm. Yes, we have to clock out for both 1/2 hour breaks. But from 7PM-11PM I have no break, unless you want to count the time I pull my cash drawer to go sit in the back and count all my money and do paperwork…which took me an hour last night. When I was at
Mt Rushmore, the closing out procedure took 15 minutes at the most. That hour last night was my fastest time here, so far, which is still ridiculously slow.

Breakfast and lunch is free here, but seeing as I skipped lunch yesterday I decided to pay the $4 for dinner.  I got 1 small pork chop, scoop of mashed potatoes,  a serving of corn and a few strawberries. It seemed like a smaller meal then our free lunches. It definitely is smaller then the meals I got at Mt Rushmore. By the looks I won’t be making it down for lunch before work today either. I have not checked my blood sugar levels since I got here, and I am sure that my stash of Budweiser &
Pringles that’s in my dorm isn’t doing me any good.

1st day @ Furnace Creek, Death Valley

I finally arrived here on Tuesday about 3:00pm. I first wondered why anyone would want to vacation in such a hot place in the middle of nowhere surrounded only by wrinkled up dry, barren mountains. After asking a tour bus driver, why people  come here, I was reminded that for some people who fly into Los Angeles (or anywhere in California) and want to travel to Vegas then going through the hottest, driest, and lowest point in America is just on their way.

While signing all the new paperwork in HR, I realized that I would be working  at the Inn. The Inn was that mystical “diamond-the-rough” that i passed about 2 minutes ago, up around the corner and half hidden by palm trees. It just looks so fancy and out of place being stuck here  in the desert.


This is more like what my first glimpse of the Inn was. Just rocks & dirt spread out for miles around it, with some mountains wrinkled up behind it.



Sorry K.M., those are not my photos. I have not been up the hill to the Inn yet to get my own pics, so I snagged these off the internet.  Obviously whoever took the bottom 2 pics had to be closer then I was at the main highway.

Got my dorm room, which happens to be passed the Inn. So my dorm is secluded away from the main area of Furnace Creek, but they have a shuttle that comes every half hour.
Just my luck, I got confused about the shuttle schedule today and ended up being 6 minutes late for my 1st day of work in the general store. The Inn doesn’t open until the 9th so I am doing my training in the general store.

Today my manager was going to start figuring out everyone’s work schedule for next week and asked if I preferred mornings or nights. As long as I don’t have to close 1 night and open the next morning  then I don’t really care. She also asked me if I was full-time (meaning all year) or if I was just seasonal  (meaning that I would be leaving next May). See full time workers get benefits like dental insurance quicker and there is a better chance of getting housing by yourself (instead of a shared dorm room). There was also mention of a lead position coming up (which also gets you single-status housing faster and for less rent).

Now while I was at the canyon, none of the managers that I had, would ever consider giving me a lead position, so I will try not to get my hopes up to high here either. But for once it would be nice to have a boss think I was valued enough and worthy of the promotion for a lead job, and not just stuck in some entry-level job that any jr.high kid could do. It used to get frustrating to train some new person starting in the cafes and watch them get promotions or watch them go get new jobs that managers would never even consider me for.

But I guess life has a way of working itself out, because after getting turned down from 1 job interview and then getting ticked off at 1 of my managers within the same week…I probably wouldn’t have spontaneously bought my plane ticket to Alaska years ago, and which would have never lead me to try other locations including Death Valley, where I am now.