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Grocery Shopping

Kim let me use her truck while she was working a couple days ago, so I went to Pahrump, NV. I had hoped to buy a new cell phone to replace the tracfone I lost on New Years…but no such luck. Anyways, I went grocery shopping at Walmart.

Yes employees get free breakfast & lunch at work, but it’s not always good and definitely not the healthiest food to eat. But seeing as I have gained weight since being here I must be eating enough of it.
Well I am assuming that the return of annoying heartburn and  the need for bigger clothes is caused by my poor diet of free meals along with to much beer & pringles after work.

I sat my fat ass down and remembered how I stopped the heartburn before. I stopped eating crap (or at least what I call crap), and it worked before because the heartburn instantly went away when I left my family’s home in NH, and I was no longer eating with my aunt anymore. I had moved to AZ, and was eating mostly fruit, veggies & frozen fish.

Then when I moved to Las Vegas, I was able to lose more weight. In fact I weighed about 40 pounds less then I do today. Now how does anyone lose weight in Vegas…easy when you don’t have a steady job to pay for food. Then when I went back to work for Xanterra, I was able to eat more…and I do. Which is why I am 40 pounds heavier then when I left Vegas 7 months ago.

Now all I have is a mini dorm-fridge & a blender, so I have no way to store or cook a bunch of frozen fish. But I can eat good stuff like


Kim brought me home these veggies last week. They are great with hummus.
I also bought the food below at Walmart this week..


I don’t really like just straight almond milk, but when it’s mixed with peanut butter, protein powder and a banana then it’s not bad. Only thing is…I learned last night that I have to hide bananas because otherwise Kim will eat a few while I am at work. Did you noticed the little packages of Chia seeds & hemp seeds? Well those will go into smoothies. I love the effect chia seeds have in smoothies but the hemp seeds are a new item for me to try.

I will be making laughing to myself when I go into work with my hemp seed protein smoothie. You always here about work places having a zero-drug policy or being a drug-free zone and I plan on sipping on my hemp smoothie at work all evening.  The package of hemp says it has 5 grams of protein, 1 gram of carbs, and 10% of the daily value for iron. So I am calling it my new health food.



38# Gain

Last time I weighed myself around May 30th, while I was living in Vegas. I left my scales in Vegas with a friend when I moved away for a seasonal job. At that time, I weighed 161.
That was almost 6 months ago (25 weeks). Today I went shopping to buy bigger pants because mine were getting to small. I decided to also buy new bathroom scales.


OMG!!! This is the most I have ever weighed. I gave birth to 7 babies and I weigh more now then I did when I was pregnant. My baby is 18 years old with a baby of her own.

How in the Hell could I have gained almost 39 pounds in the last 25 weeks?? That’s more than 1.5 pounds every week. Dr’s and online articles say to lose 1-2 pounds a week if you are going on a diet. Well if it took me 25 weeks to gain 39 pounds, then let’s see if it will take me another 25 weeks to lose it all again.

November 1, 2015

Just realizing that at this time last year I was packing up to leave my job & home in the Grand Canyon National Park. Since then I stayed with a friend in Vegas, then went to South Dakota and now I am living & working in Death Valley National Park. Wow, 4 homes in 4 different states all within a years time.

My newest roomie, Joanna, has already moved on…this national park just was not for her. Kim has also made comments about moving to North Carolina. I hope Kim stays, but really doubt she will last till the end of this Winter Season. I wonder why they have a Winter season end on May 11th. By May, it will feel like a sauna here and I am not sure I will stay for the Summer season.


Today I am on my weekend, so I get to watch Netflix.
1. Ragamuffin
2. Redwood Highway
3. More Than Chance
4. Craigslist joe
5. The Forgotten  (got interrupted when I tried watching this earlier in the week)

Maybe I will get to read some of the new yoga books I downloaded onto my tablet this week. Kim & Joanna both liked doing yoga. Doctors had given me yoga exercises to do for my scoliosis when I was in Jr High, but I never did them as often as I should.

Tonight (or tomorrow morning) Kim will be driving to Pahrump again. She has had a craving for Taco Bell. So I will go buy some moisturizer ( can’t believe how dry & itchy my skin is lately), and my essentials…coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, vitamins, & chocolate protein powder.

Yesterday’s trip to Pahrump, NV

My roomie, Kim, was nice enough to take me to Pahrump yesterday afternoon. The longest drive I have had with her. Luckily she can talk alot if I only ask a few questions. It helped pass the time away seeing as Pahrump is an hour away. It’s where you will find the closest Walmart and satisfy our hunger for Subway and Taco Bell and Panda Express. Gas in Pahrump cost $2.29 & it cost $4.85 here in Death Valley.


That’s my roomie, Kim. She got here and couple days before I did, so she was showing me around on my first morning here. She sorta laughed when I started taking pics of every single thing here saying stuff like “wow, this place must be special cuz you are making it seem that way. Now why didn’t I see that before”? So I decided to get pics of her too.

She worked at Yellowstone most of the Summer and was on her way home to Florida, where she has some family, her own business and her own home complete with a mortgage…so why she literally turned around in the highway to come to Death Valley is beyond me. She says it’s a challenge for her spiritual growth.

Anyways, on our way to Pahrump yesterday, I was surprised to see snow on top of 1 mountain. So I got a picture with my tablet while Kim went into a store. I need to remember to charge my camera battery so I can  bring my digital camera with the zoom lens whenever I go anywhere.



As you can see from Kim’s truck, she must have driven through quite a few dirt roads.
Kim had to take a pit-stop on the way back to the dorms (actually this pit-stop wasn’t  very far from our dorm) I got pics trying to show the barren remote area that we are in.
If We have the same day off again, I hope we get to leave earlier in the day because I want to get pictures of Zabriskie Point and I don’t wanna walk up or down that little hill after 9am.

Getting Ready For Work


I bought new shoes at Walmart on Thursday. I had noticed that after it rained my feet were getting wet inside my old shoes. I had worn them so much that the bottoms of them were wearing thin and had cracks all the way across. Standing in a gift shop for work, with wet feet was no fun.

I took my shower late last night, so when I got up at 5:30am today, I had crazy hair all over the place. Luckily I have barrettes & ponytail holders. I also found my earrings that I bought last month. I found them when I was packing to move into my own dorm room.

Checked my blood sugar level again this morning and it was only 85. Now I am having my 2nd cup of coffee and applesauce. I have a strange gadget that heats up water. I doubt that its “allowed” in our dorm rooms, but my friend gave it to my when she quit working here. It makes an extra hot cup of coffee. I will have scrambled eggs, bacon, and a banana about 8am, when I get to the employee dining room.

Tonight 1 of the employees is putting on a program with his barber-shop choir before the NPS’S regular lighting ceremony. That means I will stay to eat dinner tonight at work, and probably won’t get home until after 7:30pm. Well depending on how tired I am, I might stay for the lighting ceremony seeing as I have not seen it yet.

Good Morning


Yesterday I went on an employee trip to Walmart in Rapid City. Found out they are hiring “greeters” for $9.40/hour. The Subway inside Walmart is also hiring. I liked working at Walmart when I was in Vegas, but being a greeter seems like a boring job. Well I will apply for it anyways.

Anyways while shopping I decided to check on blood sugar monitors. Finally with the help of a random stranger waiting in the pharmacy check-out line, I bought the ReliOn monitor. I did not test myself until this morning after waking up late (if you want to call almost 6:00 am late). I got a reading of 101. According to everything I have read, results of 101-125 means you are pre-diabetic.

It’s about 9am now and I still haven’t eaten the apple. It’s hard to eat while busy typing on my tablet. But I will eat it before going down to the post office in Keystone this afternoon. I need to send out souvenirs to my youngest daughter for her 5 month old son.
While I am in Keystone I will probably get lunch at Teddy’s Deli. I haven’t been in there yet and a couple other people working around Mt Rushmore seem to like it. I will get a picture of it later.

Other news from this past week:  I finally moved downstairs in the dorm…in my own room!
Oh ( /) (\) (/) (\) that’s me doing a happy dance. I also got notified that I did not get the Winter job in Death Valley. 2 of the kids here had also applied there and they also got turned down for jobs there. I have other apps out, but really thinking of just staying in Rapid City for the Winter.

Online Shopping

Remember I said yesterday that I went shopping on Amazon. Well it seems that I used a new debit card that had not been activated. So this morning, I had to email the bank to find out why I couldn’t use the card, then I had to go back into amazon and cancel all of yesterday’s order and then re-order some of the stuff…only this time I had to have it sent faster which cost a bit extra. I had to do this so I could make sure to have everything I wanted before my trip to Crazy Horse on the 9th.

I also changed the order to include some DVD movies. I wanted something to do during the evenings besides just hanging around facebook. Some of the DVD’s come in a set with 4 movies on each DVD. DVD’s don’t take up as much space in luggage while traveling like books would, so it’s much better entertainment.

I also received my paycheck stub at work yesterday. Work is actually taking out $98 each week for rent & meals. Yes, that’s $196 from every paycheck. Yup I have to pay for meals whether I eat them or not. So today I made sure to go up for all 3 meals. My roomie gets bored easily and likes to go out to Keystone for drinks & late night meals and right at this very moment while I am typing this now,  is wondering where her money has gone to. I might be a bit boring, but I know where my paycheck is. I can also guarantee that I will still have money left by the time we get paid again in 2 weeks. Now that I have done my shopping for today, I don’t foresee any major shopping for the rest of my time here at Mt. Rushmore. Oh sure I might buy a new shirt when I go to Crazy Horse, but I only have 2 T-shirts & my gym shirt to wear right now when I am not working anyways, so an extra shirt will be alright.

I found myself online today..on a website that I had forgot all about. I’m not sure sure what the purpose of this site is for, but here is the link to it. Yes, I updated it today.