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May 2, 2018

Mother Nature is full of surprises..the campers behind my house woke up to snow. Hopefully they were smart enough to pack lots of blankets for their adventure, or able to buy lots of hand/toe warmers in my store.

Meanwhile, inside the national park it was sorta impossible to see the canyon through the snow and fog. I grabbed the pictures below from NPS.

I assume that anyone who was waiting for May flowers will just have to wait longer..it’s cold and windy as I sit in McDonald’s typing this. A big tour bus full of Asian tourist arrived just as I came in to order food. I bet none of them expected this snow.

I finished my Pico guacamole chicken sandwich. They musta known I like guacamole because it was oozing out with every bite. Now I am sitting here downloading new books onto my tablet so that I can read later at home.


Winter Weather

This picture was taken from my aunt’s front step a week or two agoImage

it was about 25º outside this morning…just 2º warmer then Anchorage, AK. We got some more rain & little bit more snow. Today is my oldest son’s birthday. He is in Hinesville, GA, Where it was about 66º today.

I have already had enough of this cold & icy roads. If I ever get this disability stuff taken care of I will he spending next winter back in Phoenix.

Thawing Out


I have spent the last few days with my Aunt Geri. The picture above is the temp at her house. As you can see, she likes to keep the house cold. It was 59 degrees inside AND outside..Parts of NH, also got snow this last weekend & a flood up North.


The picture is blurry because it was taken out the car window. I was with Geri and we were on our way to visit her sister,Valerie, on Monday morning. This was the little bit of snow that was left.

Well for now, I am going to curl up under the blankie and read the crime-story novel that Geri gave me. Sharon has Chicken cooking for dinner but I am not to hungry now…probably because I had to much junk-food earlier.

I Got A “Snow Day”

I bet Michael will be froze by the time he gets done snow-blowing around Maswik. I walked down to Maswik to call work to tell them that the shuttle buses were not running until around 11am. My manager told me not to worry about it and take the day off. WOW! I guess school kids ain’t the only ones who get snow-days.

Michael’s daughter, Hope, is standing over near the sign…she was supposed to go meet her mom at the store, but we just hung-out at Maswik for awhile after I had breakfast. Obviously with the buses not running, we were not getting to Marketplaza this morning. Hopefully buses run on time tomorrow morning cuz I have to be at work at 6am tomorrow and I need to get to the post office too.

Below is my driveway when I got home about 10:30am. By then my feet were COLD and nothing left for me to do except hurry inside and make a pot of coffee. At least the roads were not icy while I walked home.

Supposedly we should have nicer weather tomorrow then more snow on Thursday…aahh, I guess March will come in like a lion, which mean it should go out like a lamb.  I will be in Alaska by the end of March and Alaska is not having good luck with the weather this Winter. Just as long as I don’t turn into a frozen popsicle before Alaska has its Spring-time, I should be fine.

30 More Days To Go

My last day of work here at the Grand Canyon is 30 days from now, on March 25th.

I had asked a couple people in the HR department about getting my last paycheck on the 21st…if I checked out early. But they would still have to mail it to me later. So I will just stick with the original plan of working till the 25th, and leaving the park on the 26th.

Yesterday I picked up 2 decorative mailing boxes from the post office. I need to mail out some stuff to Liz. The boxes cost $4.29 each. I’m hoping to mail them out Tuesday seeing as I don’t have to start work until 10:00am that day. This gives me a few days to get stuff organized & ready to ship out. Then I still need another box to send out my son’s stuff.

I also talked to someone who work in the gift shop and found out that he needs a microwave & vaccum. My microwave blew out the light-bulb over a year ago but it still works, so I will give it to him when I go.

Monday will be my last day off for this month, so I will finally go on the mule ride to the Abyss Point then. It’s either do it then or never because the employee discount ends on Feb. 29th. Just my luck, a friend told me that we are supposed to get a bit of snow on Monday.

My mouth is on F-I-R-E!!!

nullI was trying to be real good with my eating today. I had been tempted to walk down to the cafeteria near my dorm for a bite to eat. Which of course woulda ended up with me getting either a sugar-packed dessert or a greasy pizza from the pizza pub.

So instead I decided to see what I had here in my room. I have lots of rice and seeing as how I ain’t used my rice-cooker for a very long time…probably a few months. I then decided to zap some canned food in the microwave to go with the brown rice. I grabbed a can of diced tomatoes and a can of black-eyed peas. I discovered that both cans had jalapenos in them. I picked out what jalapenos I could see (I don’t like them). I found out very fast that I didn’t pick them all out because as soon as I ate a mouthful of all this….my mouth was on FIRE!!!

All the rice in the world could not cover up the heat from the jalapenos. I soon went to get a can of pears and ate that instead; which did help cool off my mouth.
This should also teach me to pay more attention to what I am buying at the store too…remind me to read labels the next time I go shopping. 🙂

(BTW~Winter is officially here at the Grand Canyon. Got about 3 inches of snow late last night)The weather today turned out to be pretty good.

It’s Snowing

Well Winter is officially here (in my book) cuz the parking lot is covered in snow when I looked out my window just before 10pm. Another employee here has posted on ‘Facebook’ that we have 2 inches of snow so far. (will be more by morning cuz it’s still snowing). Another person from Kingman said it’s snowing there also but it’s not sticking around on the ground.

Of course New England got slammed with a blizzard and power outtages last week. I got to remember to send the kids some money in Maine so Liz can buy Ryan some boots and more blankets.

This Sunday most of the country will also be changing their clocks…which means the kids will only be 2 hours ahead of me then.

Why does snowy weather put me in the mood for hot chocolate? I don’t have any left so I guess I will have to settle for a cup of peppermint tea instead.

Oh yeah, I found a can of pumpkin pie mix in the general store a couple days ago. Now I need to find the pumpkin-oatmeal recipe online again. Hopefully it was a recipe that can be done in the microwave. Oh heck, I should buy more cans of pumpkin pie mix cuz after Christmas, the stores won’t sell anymore.

I have 1 more day off work, before I start at Maswik. I’ve been off work since Yavapai closed on Sunday. Six days off can drive me insane when I have nowhere to go. I start the late shift (noon-9pm) on Sunday at Maswik.

So tomorrow, I should make sure I find all my Winter stuff. I washed 1 scarf yesterday and I have my crampons (Yak-Traks) sitting on my dresser now. I need to do more laundry tomorrow and wash my jackets. Debating whether I should buy any long-underwear or not.
I might not be crazy about the cold wind that we have had all day but I should get used to it because Alaska will have even more.

OK, I really should finish my tea before it gets to cold (well to late for that). I can warm it back up in the microwave 🙂 and then I need curl up under the blankets and go to sleep. Maybe I’ll go to E-Cafe in the morning for breakfast and get a few pictures of snow in the canyon.