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When Deciding to Relocate

If you ever decide to move to a new state, you will probably want to get a new driver’s license. If you decide to buy a car after you move, then the new license might be required. At the moment my license is from GA. I am actually living in AZ but doing so without a car, so I never bothered to update it.

In a couple weeks, I am supposed to start a new job in Maine. I will need a car to travel around my new town and also a place to store any luggage while I am at work. Well I will need a Maine license in order to register and get a car inspected. Well that all takes time and time is something that I won’t have. In order for this move to really work, I need everything all in 1 day.

Without a car, it will mean that I would have to drag my suitcase all over town and into work. Now what boss wants an employee dragging their suitcase into the office everyday?

Seeing as my license is from GA, it would actually make more sense to go to GA…at least long enough to buy a car anyways. Then everything could get done all in one day, and I wouldn’t have to worry about where to sleep.

Right now, the idea of just dragging my suitcase and carrying my camera bag to the airport in Phoenix is more then I even want to deal with. I am soooo tempted to just take my small backpack (the size an elementary kid carries to school). It would be a whole lot easier to travel, while I look for a car. I could just replace everything later…including the big digital camera. I haven’t even used it much for almost 2 years.

By carrying only the backpack, I wouldn’t need to check luggage in at the airport. Course it would also mean that I would not be taking all the black pants that I will need for the next job. They would definitely need to be replaced. I always jokingly tell people that as long as I have my phone, tablet, and debit card then that’s all I need to travel and I am so tempted to do it now. I already threw 3 shopping bags into the dumpster today. I have plans to give the crockpot, blender and mini fridge away to a friend when I leave. I will leave all my bedding and pillows in the campground laundromat the day I walk away from here.

Maybe when this trip is finished, I can make my own meme for facebook about packing up, walking away with nothing and traveling around.


This Week at Work

One of the supervisors was let go from his job. I had worked with Andrew a few years ago at Desert View. I made jokes that he had gotten grumpy in his old age. (He is actually younger then I am) but he really isn’t a people person. Well I guess I wasn’t the only one who noticed because there were to many complaints about his attitude.

We have a new cashier working in the store. It’s someone that I knew from years ago in the village. After working next to him last night I don’t expect him to last very long. He has already mentioned that his next work location will be in Hawaii. There is a new name listed on this week’s schedule. From the name, I assume it’s a Navajo lady. She starts tomorrow night.

I have started telling a few of the local people that I will be leaving soon. One guy came in and made a comment about me being at work everytime he came into the store or post office. We started joking about me living in the back office. When I tried to tell him that I would be gone in 2 weeks, all of a sudden he says “No, No…don’t tell me that I can’t handle that”. It was a rather unexpected response.

Even though last night was a bit slow at work, you can almost guarantee that someone will come into the store and be unreasonable. Maybe about 8:15pm, we had a guy come in who thought we should all jump when he snapped his fingers. By the time he was leaving, he apologized.

Today I had my phone interview for the part-time job in Maine. I got the job and have to be there by June 8th. It pays $11/hour but it’s only 24 hours a week. So the earnings will only be $264 before taxes are taken out…probably about $225 for net pay every week. So if I only bring home $900 a month, then I sure ain’t paying for any expensive New England rent. (Plus a taxi to get around town, plus utilities for the rental) All that expense would eat up my whole paycheck. I would rather just find a cheap car and live in that. Besides I can use a car to get around the college town that I will be in.

Moving to Maine will definitely decrease my bank account. I got more money in the last 2 weeks here in AZ, then I will for 4 weeks in Maine plus I get housing here in AZ. But hey, I have a habit of doing crazy stuff and moving to Maine for the Summer will definitely be crazy.

Just a random shot of me sitting in a customer’s rented car. Definitely not a car that I would want to own. But it was different and looked cool….until I had to figure out how to get in and out of it.

Preparing For Another Trip to New England

Recently my daughter sent me a message saying that my granddaughter would be graduating from high school on June 4th. Before I received that message I had just assumed that Brianna wouldn’t be graduating until 2019, so I thought I still had plenty of time to arrange my trip. Now I had 3 weeks to figure out how to get back to Northern New Hampshire, if I wanted to watch her receive her diploma.

It will take me longer than a normal weekend just to arrange for the trip there…nevermind a return trip. We are short-staffed at work, so I am assuming that it would be impossible to ask for a whole week off. So I ain’t asking for time off, I will just tell my boss that I am leaving. My last day of work will be May 31st. Yes that won’t help the staffing situation at work…but sometimes you just have to say “Oh f♡<k it!” and do what you want and not worry about what someone else wants.

I have missed so many family events…weddings, birthdays, family reunion, holidays, funerals, and I have never even met most of my 13 grandkids. I don’t even know when half their birthdays are. I missed most events because I was working in different states, mostly on the other side of the country.

Brianna is my oldest granddaughter and I have no idea who she is as a person. I know that she recently started a job but have no idea what the job is or if she even likes it. I don’t know if she will stay at this job or go on to college somewhere. I have no idea what her interests are, so I don’t know what she would even study in college if she ever decided to go. I’m not sure if she will stay in New England or decide to move to AZ, to be closer to her dad’s family. Geez, don’t grandparents usually have a clue on all that stuff? Well I guess this is one grandmother that really is just a name on the family tree and nothing more.

Well seeing as I have now bought my plane ticket from Phoenix to Boston, and got a hotel room in Northern New Hampshire for 2 or 3 nights it’s time to get packing. I have 1 small suitcase for my checked luggage. So small that my winter coat doesn’t even fit in it. I will just have to leave all winter clothes behind, and worry about them in another 6 months. Oh hell, I don’t even know where I will be in 6 months. Oh hell, I ain’t figured out yet what I will be doing after I attend this graduation.

Just when I start thinking it’s safe to relax and settle in at my present location, life throws a curveball at me. I should be used to it by now.

Eating at a Truck Stop


Sitting outside of the Pilot, so I can charge my phone before I go into work in a few hours.

This truck stop also has a Denny’s restaurant but for now I need to save money to put gas in the car. I did splurge and buy 2 bananas for .99, to go with my coffee. I also have crackers with peanut butter in the car. Coffee in the Pilot is only $1.69 but coffee inside Denny’s is a few bucks. Good thing I don’t mind truck stop coffee in a paper cup.

After I start getting regular paychecks then I can start buying pre-made salads to take into work. Yes pre-made salads cost more money than if you were able to make your own but remember I am living in my car without a refrigerator. Hopefully soon I can stock up on granola bars, oranges, and more bagels.

Have you ever looked around a store in a truck stop? They have everything a driver would need for long trips, even cooking gadgets. A mini coffee maker and small Crock-Pots that plug into the cigarette lighter. But not sure how it effects the battery or gas situation. I have it on my list of things to check out later.

Ok, it’s only 5:30am now and still a bit chilly outside. I am going back inside my car for a bit. Course by time I get to work at 10am, it will be warm and won’t need my coat anymore.

I’m Going “Home” Next Month

Now usually when you hear anyone say they will be home, you might assume that they will be with their family…people bonded by blood/genetics. Home for some people is the town they grew up in.

I found my home when I was in my 40’s. I unexpectedly found my niche in a far-away land known as the Grand Canyon National Park. In a way I even created a new family unit with my neighbors and co-workers. I had started moving around to different states so much that when I first traveled to the national park for my new job, I had no idea how long I would be there. I ended up being there for 5 straight years before taking a break and going to Alaska. Those 5 years were the longest that I had stayed anywhere for a very long time.

After my time in Alaska, I returned to the Grand Canyon twice for short stays. This year the park seems to be my safety net again. This time I will be working for a new company but I still get to enjoy the peace & quiet remote area of the park, which I love. I will be able to watch sunsets/sunrises without looking over a mob of heads. One of the most amazing sunsets I have ever witnessed was during a rainstorm in that remote area of the Grand Canyon.


A friend took that picture of me at Desert View, in the late Spring of 2014. I was enjoying the wide open space as far as the eyes could see. We were waiting for that evening’s sunset.


I can’t wait to see all the changes at the Watchtower, since another company has taken over it. Actually I have seen a couple pics on facebook but that’s not the same as seeing it in person. I took the picture above with my old tablet (that broke) and luckily had saved it on facebook.

There will be no television and no internet at all in this remote section of the park. I’m sure that nobody on their death bed has ever said, “geez I wish I had more time to watch television”. A few of my past co-workers did pay a yearly contract for dial-up internet when I was there in 2014. But my work contract is only until January 1, 2017, unless a spot opens up that allows me to stay longer. I am hoping a spot opens up because I’m petrified of driving in snow and car-camping in the parking lot during winter would get mighty-cold.


American’s love to say they live in a “free” country. But what exactly does that mean? Are we really free to live anywhere we want without ridiculous taxes and expensive rent. Can you live in any state without getting a new driver’s license or voters registration card?

Are we free to go on a week long vacation (or longer) every month or whenever we want? Probably not if you have a job. A job means someone else probably makes your weekly schedule telling you what to wear, what time to show up for the job, and sometimes even what time to eat and go to the bathroom. By the time you get ready for and travel back & forth to that job, you might be to tired to do anything else; during your free time.

I may not have all the answers to what freedom is, or how to live freely. But I know a few things on what it isn’t. Freedom is not paying over $400 a month for a small dorm room that you are forced to share with a total stranger. A room that does not even have any kitchen area. The community bathroom is shared with 50 other people, with no privacy for showers. Hey, I never liked the bathroom in my high school gym class either.

To make a long story short; I left Yellowstone National Park on Thursday (July 14, 2016). So for now I can sleep when I want, eat when and what I want, and I don’t have to climb stairs a hundred times a day. I drove around the park doing a bit of sight-seeing until I got tired of all the tourist traffic. Then I headed South toward Arizona, except I never actually made it to Arizona. I got to Cedar City in Utah, yesterday and decided that was enough driving for me. It took me 2 whole days to drive almost 700 miles.. a distance that most people could do in 12 hours.

But seeing as some people on facebook have told me, that I am cool & brave because I own my own life…not some boss, not a significant other, not some religious or political group. I am the one who decides where I will live, even if that means I change my mind while driving down the interstate.

I found a room to rent in a family’s basement for $265/month. Utilities & wifi included. Also company from the family pets.

So my monthly expenses are:
$60: phone
$63: car insurance
265: rent
$388 total for the month,

which a part-time job should be able to take care of. Why just a part time job? Well because I want time to find a yoga class, time to get really serious on writing a book, and time to get back into photography & jewelry making. What’s the sense of working so much, if you don’t have time to enjoy life or any hobbies. It seems like most people work to much, just so they can buy more stuff that they won’t even have time to enjoy.

My Weekend

The weekend started when I got out of work on Sunday morning at 2am. I finally went to sleep after 4am. I woke up around 10:30 with no wifi again. The internet goes out often here.

I started to clean up my room, but then got tired again so I took a nap and missed lunch &dinner. I walked over to the pizza pub about 9pm, to buy pizza but found out that it was closed. So without wifi or pizza I just went back to bed. I really hate feeling so tired all the time.

Was in bed so much yesterday that I woke up with a stiff, sore back. Today I really need to finish cleaning my room. Why am I so worried about cleaning up, you may wonder? Well its because I need to start packing. Yeah there is something that I haven’t mentioned on facebook…I am leaving Yellowstone on July 13th.

I love seeing the bison & geysers here, but my job is harder then I expected and I assume my body can’t get used to the crazy split shift. At least I can say I lived here 2 months. Leaving should be easier now that I have a car. I will have 3 weeks to relocate SOMEWHERE in Arizona. I don’t have a definite spot picked out yet, but seeing as my drivers license is from AZ, that seemed like a good state to go.

It’s 75 degrees out today. I assume that it’s hotter in Northern AZ.