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Saturday around Cedar City, UT.


This morning while reading a local free paper, I saw a notice for the farmer’s market. This will be going on every Saturday till the end of the Fall season (I think). I only got peaches, blueberries and a loaf of yummy homemade applesauce bread. Some of the best peaches that I have had in the past have come from little farm stands (or bigger farmer’s markets) and today’s fruit is just as good as I remember. I have to go back next weekend because I got a call from 1 of the vendors saying I won a $25 gift certificate.

Later I went to the library to do some writing. I ended up studying for my next test;  in my training class at work. I need all the study time I can get. Believe me, just because I can practically live online 24/7, does not mean I understand how to do a job on a computer.  Didn’t take long though for my mind to wander away from school/ work stuff.

So I decided to go for a drive and check out the new Veterans Memorial Park. I am calling it new because it wasn’t here in the 80’s when I lived here before. Unfortunately I had left home today with only my cell phone for picture taking. I will need to go back another day for better pictures.


Seeing as I blog with my tablet and all today’s pics were taken with my phone, it can be time consuming to first post pictures on facebook and then download them onto my tablet in order to post them here. The above picture is from the Korean War memorial. Don’t you just love the red mountains in the background?


Just an wider shot of the area as I walked back to my car. You can see the flags flying above the trees in the memorial areas. Hard to believe that this is the edge of the city. Nice spot to get away from the rat-race of life.

It was a pretty good day, that got a bit warm. It was about 75° when I left home and had gone up 10 degrees by the time I got home. To warm for the long sleeve shirt I was wearing.


Cedar City, Utah


That picture above is the sign at the park near the library. It’s the park where I used to take my kids about 27-30 years ago, but the library was smaller and on a different street before.

Even in the internet era, it’s nice to see that some towns value libraries enough to make them bigger. Usually every time I move to a new area I like to check out the library. If you want to find out about events in your new community, or where different businesses are located around town, then a library usually has all that info.

Well even though I wasn’t looking for a full time job, that’s what I ended up getting. It was the first job I interviewed for also. I am in a training class at work for the next 6 weeks. It still seems a bit confusing but I hope to get the hang of it before training is over. The company gives quite a few discounts at different businesses and today I used a discount to get a new tire put on my car.

The discounts around town, the special bonuses at work, and the idea of maybe setting up a 401k almost make it seem worth staying here a for a few years or maybe even retiring here. But I have awhile before I can think of retirement. But Cedar City is as good a place to settle down as most other place I have been. Course my opinion might change once snow hits the roads.

My company (Convergy’s) even does tuition reimbursement for certain majors like: English, Business Administration, and bunch of computer degrees, and a few others that I can’t remember right now. So if I do decide to stay here, then I will check out school for the Winter semester.

OMG, I almost sound like a normal person living a normal adult life..now that’s weird. Hmm, maybe the heat has melted a few brain cells. Well it’s around the high 80’s-low 90’s here in the afternoon. So it’s better than Death Valley, CA.

My Weekend

The weekend started when I got out of work on Sunday morning at 2am. I finally went to sleep after 4am. I woke up around 10:30 with no wifi again. The internet goes out often here.

I started to clean up my room, but then got tired again so I took a nap and missed lunch &dinner. I walked over to the pizza pub about 9pm, to buy pizza but found out that it was closed. So without wifi or pizza I just went back to bed. I really hate feeling so tired all the time.

Was in bed so much yesterday that I woke up with a stiff, sore back. Today I really need to finish cleaning my room. Why am I so worried about cleaning up, you may wonder? Well its because I need to start packing. Yeah there is something that I haven’t mentioned on facebook…I am leaving Yellowstone on July 13th.

I love seeing the bison & geysers here, but my job is harder then I expected and I assume my body can’t get used to the crazy split shift. At least I can say I lived here 2 months. Leaving should be easier now that I have a car. I will have 3 weeks to relocate SOMEWHERE in Arizona. I don’t have a definite spot picked out yet, but seeing as my drivers license is from AZ, that seemed like a good state to go.

It’s 75 degrees out today. I assume that it’s hotter in Northern AZ.

Bison Season


This big guy stepped in front of me when I was about 6 miles from home. The fog was just moving across the road. Up ahead there was a herd of bison walking up the road, which I didn’t know about at first.


While the big guy had me stopped in traffic, I was able to watch more bison run around on the hill. There is a lighter (reddish) colored one..it’s a young baby. The babies weigh on average of 40-50 pounds at birth. Did you know that bison has 30% more protein than beef and 70% less fat.


I was on my way home from Cody, WY. Cody has a few artsy painted bison around the city. I took this picture outside the library, where I would charge my phone up. It was my first time of being in Cody and I thought it looked like a really nice place and the scenery driving there was phenomenal.


One of my coworkers took this picture somewhere on her trip down to the Tetons.. I loved it so much I had to save it. I have not gotten down to the Grand Tetons yet but I hope to soon.

Last Week in Death Valley

Since living & working in this national park,  I have seen things here that I never would have imagined seeing in this desert.


A shot of the sand dunes with clouds moving over-head.


Fields of desert gold flowers during our super bloom. That’s something that only happens about every  10 years or so. Glad I picked the right season to work here so I could see it. Yes that is snow on the mountains.


Still can’t figure out why this area fascinates me so much. It’s the Devil’s Golf Course.  It’s  chunks of of hard pointy sharp salt that covers the ground and is about 20 feet deep.


I love watching the clouds, love sunrises & sunsets too.


Sunsets never seem to last long enough sometimes.


Robert took me through Ash Meadows yesterday.  Found this spot near an old rock cabin that was built in 1895. What makes this pool so fascinating is the hole in the middle. It bubbles up like some type of volcano action. Have no idea why/how.


Also went to Crystal Lake in Ash Meadows.  The most clear water I have ever seen in any lake anywhere. I could have spent hours there just watching the birds fly around.


This was taken somewhere in the Artist Pallet area in December 2015. After Robert drove through a very twisty roller-coaster road we stopped to get pics of the colored rocks, and watch others climb them.


Think I got this pic from my coworker, Jen. She got lots of different flowers during our super bloom. Now how do tourists drive down the road and miss so many flowers? I assume they drove with eyes closed because they would come into the store and ask us where the flowers were. Jen will be going to Acadia Park in Maine for the Summer season.

Now before coming to Death Valley,  I didn’t really know much about it except for the fact that it’s hot. I had heard of a place called Scotty’s Castle and had hoped to see it. We had a couple major floods in October 2015, that closed down the area, totally washing out & destroying the road. I was disappointed at first. But later realized that a fancy home named after a con artist who didn’t build it or ever legally own it, but who lived off other people’s money should not even be such a big deal anyways. Society puts to much value in fake people.  Today we have the Kardashian family, years ago we had Death Valley Scotty. I guess as a society we will never learn.

  There are plenty of other spots in this park that will hold more value in my memories from my time here. I am more thankful for the treasures from Mother Nature.

Devil’s Golf Course


This is a very unique spot on the way towards Badwater_Basin.  All those chunks you see on the ground are salt. Salt that goes 20 feet deep. Now Badwater_Basin also has salt covering the ground but nothing like this. Not sure if anyone has tried to replace their table salt with the salt found here. Who knows, even though this salt is dirty it might actually be better for you. (Can you see the snow on top of the mountain). 60 degrees outside when I took this shot and I still see snow. Gotta love Mother Nature.


In this picture, an international family was trying to get their dog to come back to them. I assume the dog had been riding a long time in the car and was just happy to be free. It was running all over the salt chunks on the ground. I did not stay long enough to see what it’s paws looked like when the dog was done exploring.

The first time I came out here, with Robert, I walked for a ways out onto the salt. I was a bit surprised that the ground was so hard.  I guess I expected it to be more spongy.


A little closer look at the ground and you can see that there would be no way to play golf here…unless of course you really were the devil. Yes whoever named this spot in Death Valley had a sense of humor.
I love the view of all the mountains around this area. I was standing near the same spot that I took the first picture above…just looking the opposite direction.

I have sunshine on a cloudy day


Now there is some little rays of sunshine. If you always look at the sun then you will never see the shadows. We had rain yesterday evening and woke up to a bit of snow on the mountains. News reports say that Los Angeles area had an earthquake, but we did not feel anything here in Death Valley.




I am on a 3-weekend from work, which is why I had time to enjoy the clouds.  If life gives you clouds, then it’s up to you to make your own sunshine.  It’s  about 64 degrees outside right now and I should go find something productive to do.
Yeah, next joke… LOL