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Beautiful Weekend

While warming up some of last night’s chicken, I noticed some elk in the campground nearby. So I went out to see if I could get some pictures with my tablet.

One of my housemates saw the elk early in the evening on the other side of the campground but I didn’t go chasing them down for more pictures.

But I did get to see a beautiful sunset, when I went to take out the trash. I have been here off & on for 11 years, and I am still in awe everytime I see the elk or a gorgeous sunset. I swear that you would think that I have never seen them before.

This week at work, it was fun to watch one of the international girls get excited over snow and the sunset. She ran outside to get pics of both while we were at work. Now for her, snow really is a rare sight. You never know what to expect here. One day it’s windy & snowing, and the rest of the week the temps have gotten up to the 70’s.

Yesterday one of the housing guys, came to tell me and Elsie that we would both be getting roommates on Thursday (tomorrow). So at the moment, I walked up to work to buy some avocado and check my mail…and obviously post this blog. But then I need to get home to finish cleaning my room.




I went to the Evan’s hairstyling school to get this new look.Not bad for a $3 haircut. According to the sign above their front desk, it’s usually $4 but every Thursday is discount day.

PhotoGrid_1472301123723 It was kinda funny, when I posted those pictures on facebook and a friend asked why I wasn’t smiling to show off my dentures. I told her that I hadn’t worn them all day…in reality I have only worn them maybe 24 hours with the last month. I have just not gotten used to them. They are not very comfortable to wear more then a couple hours at a time, and they are impossible to eat with.

Well today is Saturday August 27th. Which means I have about 5-6 days left to pack up my car again. You see, even though I don’t have to be at the Grand Canyon for my new job until September 12th, I have to be out of this house on September 1st so I don’t have to pay another whole month of rent. Will probably spend the first night parked at the Love’s truck stop while I wait for payday on the 2nd.

Well it’s now 7am, I am finishing my 2nd cup of coffee and my peach flavored instant oatmeal. I might as well do laundry while I figure out what to do with the rest of the weekend.

Super Bowl Weekend

Well my shedule at work has gotten all changed around this week. I had Thursday off but seeing as I didn’t know that, I walked down to Maswik for work. Good thing seeing as a few people called out, so I ended up closing by myself anyways. I had yesterday & today off from work and will go back tomorrow. It is Super Bowl Sunday tomorrow so I’m sure I won’t be sent home early. I will assume we will be busy…at least the pizza pub should have lots of people in watching the game. Usually the cooks make up tons of “spicy hot wings” and something they call “Monkey Bread”. I don’t like anything real spicy but I might sneak into the kitchen to get a taste of the monkey bread. I might also grab a slice of pizza during my lunchbreak.

I’m not a sports person, so I don’t really care who wins; but I’m sure with all the excitement from everyone at work that I will be kept up-to-date with the score anyways. Besides if I know the scores, then I will know what my sons & grandson are talking about later on facebook. After I get out of work on Sunday, I will check online to see what the commercials were during the game. Usually they have some pretty good commercials…seems wierd though that companies spend tons of money on commercials that are ONLY shown during the super bowl game.

Today I went up to the post office & general store. I wish the post office was open more then just 2 hours on Saturday. Walking around the store today, got me thinking on how people will try to remind me on how expensive everything is in Alaska. Well I was able to get the discount here BUT today I bought…a container of Pringles for $2.26, box of “Act 2” microwave popcorn (6 bags in box) for $4.81, 3/4 pound of pasta salad from the deli for $2.69, 1 box with 2 hot pockets for $3.73, 1 small can of sliced pears for $2.75, and a package of cinnamon-flavored applesauce that come in 6 little single serving containers for $3.35…then while waiting in the check-out line I grab a candybar for $1.90 & tic-tacs for $1.59.
I figure that if I can pay these prices (and those were the discount prices, not the prices our guests pay). Then I should also be able to afford the prices in Alaska.

Well I guess I should go do laundry for work tomorrow…no sense in always waiting till the last minute. As far as I can see there is no snow in the forecast…in 1948 the super bowl game was played during a blizzard. I’m pretty sure they are safe this year.

Weekend Eating

Salmon is my favorite fish to have from the cafeteria. These brands of ice tea & yogurt are both 4 points each for weight-watchers.

spicy stir-fry

yummy pumpkin-pecan tart…I had 2 this weekend.

I missed my weight-watcher meeting last night because I fell asleep for almost 5 hours. Course when I woke up, I was hungry and walked down to the pizza pub for 1 slice of pizza and a tall beer. Seems all I wanted to do this weekend was sleep & eat.
Then I grabbed another slice of pizza tonight with iced tea.

Tomorrow I go back to work…and will have to make sure to pay more attention to my points, especially seeing as Brenda wants to go down to Williams next weekend for ice cream. Actually I think driving anywhere on a holiday weekend is nuts.