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A Long Weekend


I have been in Death Valley for over 6 months, and that was the first time I have ever had my own picture taken with the sign. A family from San Diego was stopped there and after I took their family photos, the mom took mine. This was 3 days ago after my big day at the dentist.

Luckily I had some sick days to use up, so even though I have 5 days off I will be paid for 3 days. I needed to use them before I transferred up to Yellowstone.

So for my time off I have started going through my stuff and leaving some things down on the give-away table in the laundry room. Still have more stuff to bring down there. I am only bringing 1 carry-on suitcase and my big purse. My laptop, portable DVD player and zoom lens for my camera, all fits inside my purse. Have I mentioned before about the fact that I hate packing? I have also gotten a chance to watch Netflix…sometimes Netflix will work & sometimes it won’t. I  may just cancel my Netflix subscription before I reach my final destination in Yellowstone because the wifi service is questionable there. I don’t even watch it every week here so why pay for something I don’t  (or can’t ) use.

Mother Nature has been blowing wind around like crazy. I had wanted to hike up to the Tea House on my time off, but not in the cold wind. It’s crazy how I can complain about how I can’t do anything outside because it’s either to hot, to cold, to windy, to late in the day…well how about facing the fact that I am to lazy & unmotivated.

It’s been over 72 hours since I got my teeth pulled, and I am not healed enough to chew anything. My friend, Rebecca made Kim & I a steak dinner a couple nights ago, and I had to put mine in the blender. I guess I can eat anything if it fits into a blender. Actually I don’t eat steak very often but it tasted good. This afternoon I made a shake with coconut milk,  chocolate protein powder & a banana.  I found out that I can’t chew bananas but they work well in a shake. I have already lost 2 pounds since getting my teeth pulled.


Time to be honest with myself


I love that sculpture in Rhyolite, NV; but I don’t like my picture above. The way I am sitting makes my butt and/or my stomach look HUGE. Of course both are bigger then I would like them to be.


These were taken about a week ago. I have gained about 45 pounds in the 6.5 months that I have been working in Death Valley.

Soon after I got to work yesterday, I started feeling strange. I recognized it as the feeling I get when my blood sugar drops to low.  I don’t  bring my glucose monitor with me to work and this feeling started about 50 minutes before my breakfast break so I wouldn’t  be able to check my blood sugar even if I had brought it anyways. I finally made it to breakfast and loaded up on the potatoes, eggs and 2 muffins. I needed something to raise my blood sugar quick and potatoes usually works. I had lunch 2.5 hours later and all I could eat was a salad & watermelon.  This crazy schedule of having breakfast soon after clocking into work and then lunch 2.5-3 hours later is ridiculous.

I got out of work early yesterday,  around 2:30. Finally checked my blood sugar around 5pm. I was at 240…highest I have probably ever been…and soooo darn tired. Late last night Kim got a pizza and I ate 2 slices. This morning when I woke up my blood sugar had dropped down to 97. This afternoon I checked it again and it was up to 196.

I called (emailed) outta work today and have spent hours researching diabetes online. For now, i am tired again so will be going to take a nap before Kim comes back from her day at  work.

On my way to getting healthy


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197.4 pounds….which is 1.4 pounds less then what the scale read a week ago.

When I got dressed for work today, I wore pants that required a belt. Now I had not worn my belt for a week so I was pleasantly surprised when I could use the third hole in the belt today. I had been only able to squeeze into the 2nd hole before. So I was happy about the way my day was starting off.

I have been skipping ice cream at lunch every day for the last week. I have also drank a lot less soda at work. I have tried to free myself of some many carbs but those blueberry muffins at breakfast  are to good to pass up completely.


I have just recently started taking a few supplements again. I stopped taking them 6 months ago and figured my body needed them again. I forgot to buy the fish oil & potassium tablets, when I went to Walmart last week, so I will just have to order them online.

I also haven’t had much trouble with heartburn, this week. I really hate getting heartburn…it was just an annoying inconvenience that likes to happen when I tried to lie down and get comfy on my bed. Heartburn does not feel very comfy.

38# Gain

Last time I weighed myself around May 30th, while I was living in Vegas. I left my scales in Vegas with a friend when I moved away for a seasonal job. At that time, I weighed 161.
That was almost 6 months ago (25 weeks). Today I went shopping to buy bigger pants because mine were getting to small. I decided to also buy new bathroom scales.


OMG!!! This is the most I have ever weighed. I gave birth to 7 babies and I weigh more now then I did when I was pregnant. My baby is 18 years old with a baby of her own.

How in the Hell could I have gained almost 39 pounds in the last 25 weeks?? That’s more than 1.5 pounds every week. Dr’s and online articles say to lose 1-2 pounds a week if you are going on a diet. Well if it took me 25 weeks to gain 39 pounds, then let’s see if it will take me another 25 weeks to lose it all again.

25 More Weeks

Monday, July 08, 2013

We have about 25 more weeks till the end of this year (yes I am already counting).
I got to thinking that if I lost…no, got rid of 2 pounds a week, then I would be 50 pounds lighter by New Years. Now usually I can sit here and read stuff online about how to do it, but in my real life it never works because I don’t have my own money for grocery shopping or my own kitchen to prepare food.

But I gotta find a way for this to work!!!

Now there is a scale in the bathroom I use, and I step on it quite often. Sometimes a few times a day. The number goes up & down alot even within the same day. So this morning I got out my tape measure and decided to wrap it around my middle where it met at my belly-button. I looked down and saw the number 46.5 inches.
Now I wear my the waist-band of my pants up higher then my belly-button, but this seemed to be a good spot to remember where to keep track of measurements.
If I am able to lose the 50 pounds by the end of the year, then I haven’t got a clue what a good number for a measurement would be right now, but I do know that 46+ inches ain’t it.

It would seem that the scale isn’t all that reliable and maybe the tape measure might give me a better

Actually with 1 broken tooth on the top, and an abscessed tooth on the bottom, this should be the perfect time to start losing weight.



Flowers & Trip to the Store

ImageQuinn sent these to Sharon in the mail for Mother’s Day. They arrived in a secure tight box and look fabulous.

ImageI just have a problem getting a picture of them with the camera on my cell phone. I couldn’t get the darn wall out of the pictures.

In other news: I lost another pound when I weighed myself this morning; and that’s even after my brother called me downstairs last night to eat something for dinner. I told him that if I had gained weight I was gonna blame it on him. This afternoon I went to Wal-Mart with Sharon and bought myself some vitamins. Just to make sure I get whatever I am sure to be missing in my meals.. Also got a package of cashews, trail mix, and found some blackberries on sale.

Yogurt & the YoYo is going down again


Yesterday after eating my yogurt, I got in a conversation with an ex-coworker through text messeges about greek yogurt not being any better then regular yogurt. So I decided to look a few facts up online. Well I was pleased to tell him that my blueberry greek yogurt has LESS sugar, LESS salt & MORE protein then his regular blueberry yogurts. The “fruit-at-the-bottom” style regular yogurt is even worse. Only problem is that I ate the last one, so hopefully I can get to a store and buy some more soon. I noticed that my sister-in-law has some plain Greek yogurt in the fridge, so maybe I can just get fresh berries to add into that.

I stepped onto the bathroom scales this morning and somehow I lost about 3 pounds within a 24-hour period. So today’s weight is 177.8. Now how in the hell is that possible? And does this mean it will continue to go down or will it bounce back up again tomorrow?