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I’m Going “Home” Next Month

Now usually when you hear anyone say they will be home, you might assume that they will be with their family…people bonded by blood/genetics. Home for some people is the town they grew up in.

I found my home when I was in my 40’s.  I unexpectedly found my niche in a far-away land known as the Grand Canyon National Park. In a way I even created a new family unit with my neighbors and co-workers. I had started moving around to different states so much that when I first traveled to the national park for my new job, I had no idea how long I would be there. I ended up being there for 5 straight years before taking a break and going to Alaska. Those 5 years were the longest that I had stayed anywhere for a very long time.

After my time in Alaska,  I returned to the Grand Canyon twice for short stays. This year the park seems to be my safety net again. This time I will be working for a new  company but I still get to enjoy the peace & quiet remote area of the park, which I love. I will be able to watch sunsets/sunrises without looking over a mob of  heads. One of the most amazing sunsets I have ever witnessed was during a rainstorm in that remote area of the Grand Canyon.


A friend took that picture of me at Desert View, in the late Spring of 2014. I was enjoying the wide open space as far as the eyes could see. We were waiting for that evening’s sunset.


I can’t wait to see all the changes at the Watchtower,  since another company has taken over it. Actually I have seen a couple pics on facebook but that’s not the same as seeing it in person. I took the picture above with my old tablet (that broke) and luckily had saved it on facebook.

There will be no television and no internet at all in this remote section of the park. I’m sure that nobody on their death bed has ever said, “geez I wish I had more time to watch television”. A few of my past co-workers did pay a yearly contract for dial-up internet when I was there in 2014. But my work contract is only until January 1, 2017, unless a spot opens up that allows me to stay longer.  I am hoping a spot opens up because I’m petrified of driving in snow and car-camping in the parking lot during winter would get mighty-cold.


3-Day Weekend & Farmer’s Market Again

Somehow my body must of gotten used to the routine of going to class 5 days a week with a normal 2 day weekend.  Today is Sunday, but it’s my third day home and I still woke early checking the date on my phone a few times to make sure I really had today off.

Well Friday, I went to get another tire replaced on my car, and was told that I need to replace the front brakes & rotors for about $220. Sometime I also need to get the horn fixed along with the high beam light on the driver’s side. (Good thing I don’t drive much at night). The state of Utah requires a yearly car inspection and so far my car doesn’t pass. Geez, maybe it would of been easier to go to AZ. But it will be nice when it’s done and know the car is safe.

Well Yesterday was Saturday so I went to the farmer’s market again. I ended up winning 2 prizes. I gave the caramel sauce to the family I rent from. The ladies who make the sauce are from Beryl, UT. I am pretty sure that you can find them on facebook, just search for the Four Country Gals.


Unfortunately there wasn’t any peaches or blueberries at the market this week.  So I ended up going to the grocery store to buy bananas & diced up watermelon  (along with junk that I didn’t need) to eat this weekend.


As you can see there were some tomatoes & zucchini at the market which I love. The family I rent from has told me that I can eat some of the tiny tomatoes in their garden, so I don’t need to buy those for awhile.

Now I really need to do my laundry for the week. I have work tomorrow…yup I am still with “Convergy’s”, until something else comes along. I had a phone interview on Friday for a job at the Grand Canyon,  and I have sent 4 resumes into other places. It’s just the dreaded waiting game now to see which one will say …Yes, you’re hired.

Saturday around Cedar City, UT.


This morning while reading a local free paper, I saw a notice for the farmer’s market. This will be going on every Saturday till the end of the Fall season (I think). I only got peaches, blueberries and a loaf of yummy homemade applesauce bread. Some of the best peaches that I have had in the past have come from little farm stands (or bigger farmer’s markets) and today’s fruit is just as good as I remember. I have to go back next weekend because I got a call from 1 of the vendors saying I won a $25 gift certificate.

Later I went to the library to do some writing. I ended up studying for my next test;  in my training class at work. I need all the study time I can get. Believe me, just because I can practically live online 24/7, does not mean I understand how to do a job on a computer.  Didn’t take long though for my mind to wander away from school/ work stuff.

So I decided to go for a drive and check out the new Veterans Memorial Park. I am calling it new because it wasn’t here in the 80’s when I lived here before. Unfortunately I had left home today with only my cell phone for picture taking. I will need to go back another day for better pictures.


Seeing as I blog with my tablet and all today’s pics were taken with my phone, it can be time consuming to first post pictures on facebook and then download them onto my tablet in order to post them here. The above picture is from the Korean War memorial. Don’t you just love the red mountains in the background?


Just an wider shot of the area as I walked back to my car. You can see the flags flying above the trees in the memorial areas. Hard to believe that this is the edge of the city. Nice spot to get away from the rat-race of life.

It was a pretty good day, that got a bit warm. It was about 75° when I left home and had gone up 10 degrees by the time I got home. To warm for the long sleeve shirt I was wearing.

Cedar City, Utah


That picture above is the sign at the park near the library. It’s the park where I used to take my kids about 27-30 years ago, but the library was smaller and on a different street before.

Even in the internet era, it’s nice to see that some towns value libraries enough to make them bigger. Usually every time I move to a new area I like to check out the library. If you want to find out about events in your new community, or where different businesses are located around town, then a library usually has all that info.

Well even though I wasn’t looking for a full time job, that’s what I ended up getting. It was the first job I interviewed for also. I am in a training class at work for the next 6 weeks. It still seems a bit confusing but I hope to get the hang of it before training is over. The company gives quite a few discounts at different businesses and today I used a discount to get a new tire put on my car.

The discounts around town, the special bonuses at work, and the idea of maybe setting up a 401k almost make it seem worth staying here a for a few years or maybe even retiring here. But I have awhile before I can think of retirement. But Cedar City is as good a place to settle down as most other place I have been. Course my opinion might change once snow hits the roads.

My company (Convergy’s) even does tuition reimbursement for certain majors like: English, Business Administration, and bunch of computer degrees, and a few others that I can’t remember right now. So if I do decide to stay here, then I will check out school for the Winter semester.

OMG, I almost sound like a normal person living a normal adult life..now that’s weird. Hmm, maybe the heat has melted a few brain cells. Well it’s around the high 80’s-low 90’s here in the afternoon. So it’s better than Death Valley, CA.


American’s love to say they live in a “free” country. But what exactly does that mean? Are we really free to live anywhere we want without ridiculous taxes and expensive rent. Can you live in any state without getting a new driver’s license or voters registration card?

Are we free to go on a week long vacation (or longer) every month or whenever we want? Probably not if you have a job. A job means someone else probably makes your weekly schedule telling you what to wear, what time to show up for the job, and sometimes even what time to eat and go to the bathroom. By the time you get ready for and travel back & forth to that job, you might be to tired to do anything else; during your free time.

I may not have all the answers to what freedom is, or how to live freely. But I know a few things on what it isn’t. Freedom is not paying over $400 a month for a small dorm room that you are forced to share with a total stranger. A room that does not even have any kitchen area. The community bathroom is shared with 50 other people, with no privacy for showers. Hey, I never liked the bathroom in my high school gym class either.

To make a long story short; I left Yellowstone National Park on Thursday (July 14, 2016). So for now I can sleep when I want, eat when and what I want, and I don’t have to climb stairs a hundred times a day. I drove around the park doing a bit of sight-seeing until I got tired of all the tourist traffic. Then I headed South toward Arizona, except I never actually made it to Arizona. I got to Cedar City in Utah, yesterday and decided that was enough driving for me. It took me 2 whole days to drive almost 700 miles.. a distance that most people could do in 12 hours.

But seeing as some people on facebook have told me, that I am cool & brave because I own my own life…not some boss, not a significant other, not some religious or political group. I am the one who decides where I will live, even if that means I change my mind while driving down the interstate.

I found a room to rent in a family’s basement for $265/month. Utilities & wifi included. Also company from the family pets.

So my monthly expenses are:
$60: phone
$63: car insurance
265: rent
$388 total for the month,

which a part-time job should be able to take care of. Why just a part time job? Well because I want time to find a yoga class, time to get really serious on writing a book, and time to get back into photography & jewelry making. What’s the sense of working so much, if you don’t have time to enjoy life or any hobbies. It seems like most people work to much, just so they can buy more stuff that they won’t even have time to enjoy.

My Weekend

The weekend started when I got out of work on Sunday morning at 2am. I finally went to sleep after 4am. I woke up around 10:30 with no wifi again. The internet goes out often here.

I started to clean up my room, but then got tired again so I took a nap and missed lunch &dinner. I walked over to the pizza pub about 9pm, to buy pizza but found out that it was closed. So without wifi or pizza I just went back to bed. I really hate feeling so tired all the time.

Was in bed so much yesterday that I woke up with a stiff, sore back. Today I really need to finish cleaning my room. Why am I so worried about cleaning up, you may wonder? Well its because I need to start packing. Yeah there is something that I haven’t mentioned on facebook…I am leaving Yellowstone on July 13th.

I love seeing the bison & geysers here, but my job is harder then I expected and I assume my body can’t get used to the crazy split shift. At least I can say I lived here 2 months. Leaving should be easier now that I have a car. I will have 3 weeks to relocate SOMEWHERE in Arizona. I don’t have a definite spot picked out yet, but seeing as my drivers license is from AZ, that seemed like a good state to go.

It’s 75 degrees out today. I assume that it’s hotter in Northern AZ.

Split shifts & Sleep

I am working 1pm-5pm and then again at 10pm-2am. So I have a guaranteed 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week schedule now. But it’s a crazy schedule to get used to. I definitely would not want this schedule in the “real world”.

I will usually go to bed around 3am, and wake up between 8-9am. I will have coffee and maybe putter around my dorm room until I go to lunch about noon. When I finish the first half of my work shift at 5pm, I will go have dinner. I must say that the lunch & dinners are better here then they were at Death Valley.

After dinner I am ready for a nap. I am now setting 5 alarms to make sure I get back up to work at 10pm. My sleep schedule got messed up once last week and I ended up being 45 minutes late for my 10-2 shift. I got written up for that and don’t  want that to happen again.

Now this weekend,  I spent time with friends so my sleep schedule is outta whack again. Which is why I am typing this post before 4am. I really should try to go back to sleep. It seems like for 5 days a week all I do is work & sleep now. EDIT: I got up to make coffee about 9:15am, so hopefully I am back to my normal schedule. But I think from now on I will only be able to go sight-seeing on 1 of my weekend days instead of both days off.


Took that picture on Sunday, when I went riding around with friends. It was a nice day and I enjoyed hanging out with them, but it wore me out.