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I went to the dentist

I started having trouble with my teeth in early 2002. It was mostly back teeth so I wasn’t  all that concerned with it. I was still working in a hospital then so I think I had dental insurance and did go to a dentist for a cleaning and x-rays, but never got any work done.

Then in 2007, I broke a tooth on the left side, while chewing gum.  I figured that it must of been some pretty tough gum. Then about 2009, I broke a tooth on the right side while eating a Hershey kiss. I must of broken some more teeth (but forget how) because when I went home to see family in December 2011, my kids were in shock. One of my son’s asked me what happened and said it looked like it hurt. I probably could have been the new face ( or mouth) for the poster child in some meth head commercial.

While working in the Grand Canyon National Park I was able to get dental insurance again.  So in 2014, after many abscessed teeth which made my face swell up a few times I finally got a bunch of teeth pulled.  The insurance ran out before I could finish all the dental work. Facebook even had a memory today from April 2014 with pictures of my face swelled up from an abscess. I won’t have to worry about those anymore.

I got all my top teeth out yesterday.


My face is puffy and even my nose felt numb. My x-rays are behind me. After giving me shots to numb my face, I just had to wait about an hour…so of course I took pictures. The actual  extraction took about 10 minutes, 15 minutes at most.


This is the after picture. After I went to Walmart to get pain pills and baby wipes. My lips and chin were a complete mess with caked on blood. 1 lady in the store gave me a hug because  I looked like I was in so much pain. I didn’t feel much of anything, but I looked like I got attacked by Freddie Kruger in some horror movie.

Now my family asked years ago, but at the time I had no idea. How do teeth get so soooo bad. Well it turns out that teeth need saliva to stay healthy. So if you are on any type of medicine that gives you a dry mouth (feels like cotton mouth), then that med is bad for your teeth. This includes any over-the-counter cough medicine or sleeping pill.

Well I am finally happy with the way my smile looks. Next I will be happy to learn how to eat yogurt. It was so weird trying to eat some last night. Hey I might of found my new diet. I’m calling it the denture diet. I have stocked up on yogurt & applesauce waiting for this moment.


Weight-Watchers Gave Me a New Cousin


This is MaryAnnImage

I haven’t seen my cousin in years, and was totally shocked when I ran into her at Wal-Mart yesterday. Once upon  a time she weighed about 332 pounds. I swear that she lost half herself somewhere. Actually she goes to weight-watcher meetings on Wednesday nights.

Now I like the Jennifer Hudson & Jessica Simpson commercials for weightwatchers; but lets face it…they are Hollywood people, and like most hollywood people their life & level of income demands them to look good. But when an ordinary normal single mom can lose alot of weight, It really means something & I take notice.

I still have the little gadget that lets me figure out the points value for food, so it shouldn’t be all that hard to start it up again. Course it’s only good for food with labels where fats, protein, fiber & carbs, are listed. But I don’t want to pay for meetings just to get all the books to figure out how to deal with other food (like all my sister-in-law’s homemade cooking)

Anyays, I had gone into Wal-Mart because I ran out of yogurt, so I picked up 6 containers of Chobani Greek yogurt, 12-bottles of Liptons Citrus green tea, a bag of Pistachios, bananas, and 2 frozen meals.



This day needs a “Do-Over”

ImageImage I’m still trying to get good pictures with the camera on my cell phone. .Anyway the 2 pics above were the start of my breakfast today. After a few bites I had to add in my trail mix, because I had to much plain greek yogurt in this. Took me almost an hour to eat it all. Course I was busy at my desk, designing stuff on zazzle while I was eating too.

The part of today that really needs a “do-over” has to do with Sharon’s garden. Now I really like gardens and she does a good job tending to all her fruit trees, flowers and the veggie garden. I will try to remember to post pics of the garden later this Summer.                       But oh-my-god, Allan sure freaked out about it today and I got stuck listening to it. Hell I am sure the neighbors heard his opinion about it too. So I will be hiding out in my room for the rest of the day. No way am I dealing with anyone’s attitude today.



Yogurt & the YoYo is going down again


Yesterday after eating my yogurt, I got in a conversation with an ex-coworker through text messeges about greek yogurt not being any better then regular yogurt. So I decided to look a few facts up online. Well I was pleased to tell him that my blueberry greek yogurt has LESS sugar, LESS salt & MORE protein then his regular blueberry yogurts. The “fruit-at-the-bottom” style regular yogurt is even worse. Only problem is that I ate the last one, so hopefully I can get to a store and buy some more soon. I noticed that my sister-in-law has some plain Greek yogurt in the fridge, so maybe I can just get fresh berries to add into that.

I stepped onto the bathroom scales this morning and somehow I lost about 3 pounds within a 24-hour period. So today’s weight is 177.8. Now how in the hell is that possible? And does this mean it will continue to go down or will it bounce back up again tomorrow?

Good Morning


Picture taken at 7:30am, after I decided to type this up. I have been up for a couple hours but I am still wearing my pj’s. Finally heard someone else moving around in the house about 7:40…must be my sister-in-law.

Anyway I have already had 2 cups of coffee, a blueberry bagel and a banana. I will probably go get a 3rd cup  of coffee soon and grab my blueberry Greek yogurt. Actually I should go jump in the shower soon. Yes today’s picture was taken before I washed my hair.

Today is Sunday. Nothing special planned for today. Probably just a quiet & boring day at home. Might be a good day to organize my paperwork for all my up-coming Dr. visits and the welfare office and the Social Security office.